Blowing Away Deer: Judge Rules That Quadriplegic Has Right to Gun To Hunt

180px-Edit_4x_rifle_scopeA New Jersey judge has ruled at a quadriplegic must be allowed to buy a gun for hunting, which will be mounted on his wheelchair and fired by blowing into a tube. James Cap has been paralyzed for 30 years after an injury in a high school football game.

Manville New Jersey Sheriff Mark Peltack had opposed the purchase on public safety grounds. The shotgun will be mounted on his chair and he will literally blow away deer with an air tube attached to the weapon.

Superior Court Judge John Pursel disagreed and, in signing the order, told Cap “I hope you enjoy the use of your firearm.” The judge did require Cap to have qualified people assist him with weapons.

Gun-rights advocates fought for almost three years to win the case.

Recently, gun advocates made remote hunting available for handicapped hunters, who can shoot deer and other animals on the Internet, here. However, there is a move to ban Internet hunting, here.

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71 thoughts on “Blowing Away Deer: Judge Rules That Quadriplegic Has Right to Gun To Hunt”

  1. Funny how no where does it mention that this guy is a drunk. Anyone who has ever been to a bar in Manville has watched him drive his chair into crowds of people.

  2. FF LEO–

    It’s caliber if you’re American…calibre if you’re British–and calibrrrr when you’re hunting in the Arctic Regions.

  3. Ms. EM’

    You are not only a poet who know’s it and a wordsmith; you are a play-on-words’er of the highest caliber…or is that calibre…

  4. FF LEO–

    The avatar? Why, that’s wild and woolly Ram Rod, armed and dangerous–and ready to go into battle for Bachmann. Rod’s off to Eweruguay for the Sheepshooters competiton.

  5. Byron,

    Does your avatar illustrate a Sheeple? If not, what the heck is it?

  6. Deer are well known as vicious killers, likely to invade the country at any moment. It’s your 2nd Amendment duty to arm yourself and be ready, quads too. Clearly a landmark addition to body of legal work in this area.

    Personally, I think you should all have concealed machine guns for hunting in the USofA.

  7. “what’s next? voice activated guns?”

    Congress has already perfected that weaponry–they have been shooting their mouths off for over 2 centuries, since March 4, 1789…

  8. BobEsq:

    if he is out in the woods and sneezes and no one hears him did he still sneeze?


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