The Secret of NIMH: Scientists Develop Super-Smart Rat

200px-The_Secret_of_NIMH200px-Rattus_norvegicus_1Scientists have made a breakthrough in research increasing brain activity and memory. They have created Hobbie-J, the world’s smartest rat. Hobbie-j is the result of a sinister organization known NIMH. Ok, it is less sinister when spelled out: U.S. National Institute of Mental Health.

Hobbie-J can remember things 300 percent more than an ordinary rat due to modifying a single gene.

This could either promise huge increases in human intelligence or a race of super rat overlords who will use us as slave cheese makers and cat killers. I want to go on record that the Turley blog will continue its policy of surrendering to any new animal overlords that demand slavish allegiance, here, here, here and here. I just wish someone would tell us whom to surrender to.

Hobbie-J can perform amazing analytical tasks due to the overexpression of the gene NR2B. One only has to compare this performance to the recent Larry King/Carrie Prejean interview to see the inevitable domination of rodent overlords.

For a glimpse into our future, here is a video from the Nimh labs:

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