A Bit Too Fresh: Chinese Discover Way To Keep Fish Alive After Being Fried

This is obviously a cultural divide. This video shows how the Chinese have devised a way to keep a fish alive during frying so that it can be eaten alive.

I find the whole video perfectly disturbing and disgusting. What is striking is how our cultures differ on such subjects. I have been to China repeatedly and I am always struck by the detachment over such issues. Of course, I enjoyed eating sushi in Japan where the live fish is only seconds previously dispatched. However, watching the taunting of the living fish is a bit much for my sensibilities.

The Japanese also eat live fish on occasion:

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  1. lol
    what a bunch of bullshit from people who’s country supported many modern wars slaughtering innocent people

    give it up.

  2. i understand how they did this, its fried very quickly, which means only the fishes body suffers from 3rd degree burns. Meaning that like a poor human has a strong accidental burn,the skin cells are damaged and dead, leaving the person,s limb or other body part unable to move due to the tense burns. Meaning that the person is still alive, but in a lot a lot a lot of pain!! This is abuse for the poor fish, its suffering and dieing slowly and very painful!! POOR ANIMAL!!

  3. It might be a Chinese tradition to eat live fish (grose, vomit); but that does not make it right. It is a total disgrace to humanity and it should be stopped. I do not care that it is a normal practice in China, as one way or another I am going to do my best to see if it can be banned. I guess I am naive, but damned if I am not going to try.

    People giggling at a fish thats’ body is cooked while it precious head is still gasping for breath…………just because the fish can’t talk to us, or can’t walk or a drive a car doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to live.

    And I agree factory farming, it is an abomination that I am so ashamed of. And that is why I am a devoted vegan.

  4. Just to add. I have a lot of Chinese friends and especially those that are Buddhist are generally even more concerned with animal welfare than our average population. I just can’t believe cultural stupidity over took sound Buddhist principals and at a wedding between 2 people who were born and raised where this kind of practice is NOT OKAY.

  5. I just got back from a wedding, in Canada, the groom was Chinese Buddhist and they had a church ceremony (bride is Christian) followed by a Buddhist banquet.

    There was LIVE steamed fish on the menu, served to everyone; I asked the waiter if this just meant the fish HAD been living. He assured me that the fish was actually steamed alive.

    This was at Kirin’s Seafood Restaurant at the Starlight casino in New Westminster. They have 5 different restaurants all over the lower mainland and I assume they offer this at all of them, at least on special occasions. If you come to Vancouver during the Olympics this spring don’t eat at any of them.

    I am still horrified and am actually ending my 10 year relationship with the bride, one of my very best friends, over this choice of wedding cuisine.

  6. It will be tough for me not to be forever racist towards these people. I find it hard to believe that China Chef is a real person, but it is quite possible that I put too much faith in humanity.

  7. China Chef:

    why cant you just kill it right before you clean it and cook it? Have a holding tank or something and then pith it right before cooking?

    Same result A++ fish but no entertainment. There must be a good many sadistic mother f . . . out there. But then we here in America like Ultimate Cage fighting. Although the cage fighters choose to participate.

  8. I’m pretty sure I won’t change my mind about your choice in barbaric behavior. I don’t give a damn how good it tastes. You enjoy your little sadistic marketing ploy all you like, china chef. You’ll earn nary a RMB from me. I’d rather have cleaner karma than a good meal.

  9. Trust me it tastes much better prepared this way. The fishes meat has not gone through the physiological processes that happen after death yet. It’s A++. Although I imagine the risk of parasites is much higher as the cooked meat is fairly undercooked and next to the completely uncooked meat. Anyway my restaurant serves fish this way exclusively. Hundreds each day. Come try it sometime! You’ll change your mind when you taste it.

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