A Bit Too Fresh: Chinese Discover Way To Keep Fish Alive After Being Fried

This is obviously a cultural divide. This video shows how the Chinese have devised a way to keep a fish alive during frying so that it can be eaten alive.

I find the whole video perfectly disturbing and disgusting. What is striking is how our cultures differ on such subjects. I have been to China repeatedly and I am always struck by the detachment over such issues. Of course, I enjoyed eating sushi in Japan where the live fish is only seconds previously dispatched. However, watching the taunting of the living fish is a bit much for my sensibilities.

The Japanese also eat live fish on occasion:

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  1. This is as sick as it can get. I don´t think there´s anything wrong with eating meat, I am by no means a vegetarian, but this is just animal cruelty. This fish is suffering a slow and really painfull death.
    We should find a way that makes it possible to fry chinese without killing them. See if they´d like that.

  2. catchnreleaseguy,

    So whats your deal with Redneck fishermen. You gonna eat that farm bread shit? Go for it man, enjoy, get your rocks off. You deserve it. You want some bait with your soy sauce?

  3. catchnreleaseguy:

    I can tell you know nothing about fishing, at all. LOL, “… clean their fish without killing them first.” In fact, I suspect that the only fish you have ever caught were on sale at the fish market.

  4. How many redeneck fisherman clean their fish without killing them first? I’ve seen guys scale a fish while they are still alive as well as slab a fish while its mouth is still moving……this video is abhorrent too…..

  5. Eating a live animal is a “cultural difference”?

    No. It’s an ethical difference. Just because a fish is simple does not mean it should suffer for our amusement. Cruelty for cruelties sake is not a cultural idée fixe. It’s a human flaw that is transcultural. Some societies express their cruelty in the kitchen, others in the ring – be it dogs or humans or bulls or whatever, but that does not change the nature of cruelty – the unnecessary infliction of suffering on others for fun and profit.

    Humans do not have the market cornered on self-aware behavior, but we may have it cornered on self-indulgent behavior.


  6. Animal cruelty?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha … Once I met a man who did not know how to clean a fish. Ironically, he was from Chicago.

  7. Byron.
    You can have as much fun as you like as far as I’m concerned as long as you don’t exploit others and good luck to you.
    Socialism (or Commie-Lite) never forbade a good time.

  8. Vegetarian. And I didn’t watch the video.

    Is this to prove how fresh the animal is?

    Why would anyone ever doubt food quality or freshness in China?

    If this is ethical to do to a fish, what animals will be next?

  9. Mike S:

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    But then if I was worth a hundred million I would probably be a prick and tell you that it is more fun if you earn it yourself.

    So I guess your SOL either way. But if I was me and worth a 100 million you would have your check, for all the fun I have had on this blog it would be cheap at twice the price.

  10. “What’s a cappie to do?’

    Uh, pay off my mortgage and send me and my wife on a round the world cruise.

  11. Mike S:

    junk bonds, short sales, equity swaps, arbitrage, etc. gets boring after the first 100 million.

    What’s a cappie to do?

  12. Here is the process used.


    IMO, it is animal cruelty to gut and then fry a live fish. Watching the fish open its mouth is horrifying. In response to a comment above, in nature, predators tend not to keep the animal alive while they gut it, and they certainly don’t dip the living animal in batter, fry it, and then cover it in sauce (which I presume has salt in it).

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