Hello, Cali Calling: Texas Man Arrested After Selling Pot Door-to-Door Until Knocking on the Door of a Police Officer

Anthony Carrazco, 19, has learned the perils of door-to-door sales. Carrazco, however, was not selling Hoovers or Avon. He was selling marijuana door-to-door until he knocked on the door of a Brownsville cop. He was not amused to learn that rather than “Avon calling” it was the Cali Cartel.

To make the door service even more convenient for the police department, he was carrying a 9MM handgun, a scale, and three ounces of pot. He was also close enough to a school to force the charges into a higher felony range.

After Carrazco made his pitch, the officer said that he was interested and stepped into the house to get his gun and badge.

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12 thoughts on “Hello, Cali Calling: Texas Man Arrested After Selling Pot Door-to-Door Until Knocking on the Door of a Police Officer”

  1. But if he can’t show you a 9 mm then how do you know the pot is real?

    You’d probably buy schwag off a guy armed with a Taser!

  2. Drug war rant had a good post a few days ago about how most white former drug dealers never get a conviction and benefit from the entrepreneurial experience they get in the illegal drug industry, while black drug dealers get valuable experience of the inside of prison.


    I am one of those evil liberals and support harm minimization. But I can understand there is one important reason for retaining the drug war. Without the war on drugs how will nations solve their ethnic and social hygiene problems. In the USA you have all those niggers left over from the abolition of slavery and in Australia we have the unethnicly-cleansed remnants of the unlawful migrants who arrived 40,000 years before legitimate settlement.

  3. Its OK.

    He may not actually be a Negro but he may be Hispanic, obviously he is not a white child from the respectable classes.

  4. OT,

    What a difference a pond makes sometimes!

    “Past and present chiefs of MI6 are to be among the first witnesses to give evidence to the official inquiry into the Iraq war, it was disclosed today.

    Sir John Scarlett, who retired as director general of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) last month, will be questioned about his chairmanship of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC).

    During that time, between 2001 and 2004, he oversaw the government’s dossier on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.

    Sir John Sawers, who took over as “C” this month, will be called to speak about his time as the private secretary with responsibility for foreign affairs to then-prime minister Tony Blair.

    They were among 20 top advisers, diplomats and military figures named as forthcoming witnesses by the Iraq inquiry, chaired by Sir John Chilcot.

    He said the first round of public hearings would concentrate on the build-up to the war, focusing on intelligence matters, relations with the US and planning.” (from the Guardian)

  5. I’m all about legalization. Long past overdue.

    I’m also about throwing this shitbag under the jail for walking around with a 9mm. Way to go, rocket scientist. That little fact turns you from an entrepreneur into a good old-fashioned criminal.

  6. nal,

    I too think that this mans free spirit and capitalism should be honored. The LEO’s just have a different way of paying homage to him….

  7. Praise the Lord.

    The Weed has arisen and I am sharing the Word.

    The Gods have been pleased and we have this bountiful crop to share with you.

    Amen, Amen I say unto thee, blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the weed.

    Do not forget to tithe and give the god a blessing by showing how please you are by offering him the incense of the holy smoke and it shall arise to heaven and please thee…..

  8. Ding Dong. I am long gone for being a Ding Dong, but stupid comes closer to the truth.

    Hell, who knows maybe he got some really good weeds and wanted to spread the word like a weed evangelist. Nah, it would have required to much energy….and thought…. I am banking on stupid….

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