Barney The Bovine Canine: Man Barred From Owning Dogs for Ten Years After Overfeeding Dalmatian

John Green 50, has attained the novel status of being banned from keeping dogs for ten years. Green’s victim was a Dalmatian named Barney, who he overfed to the point that he weighed “11 stone” — a stone is roughly the equivalent to 14 pounds. This made Barney look like he ate the other 100 Dalmatians.

Barney is now a slim 4 stone dog. It appears that Green allowed Barney to eat whatever he ate including chips and chocolate. The reference to chocolate threw me because I was always told that chocolate was toxic for dogs. It is. However, it takes, on average, about 100-150 mg/kg of the toxic element in chocolate, theobromine, to cause a toxic reaction. Milk chocolate contains 44 mg of theobromine per oz.

RSPCA inspectors raided Green’s home and took Barney. They then hit Green with the penalty for what was viewed as animal cruelty. Green confessed to animal cruelty and was also ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work.

RSPCA inspector Rachel Andrews noted: “With Christmas just round the corner it might be tempting to overfeed them, but it’s important to remember that those extra pounds can have a huge impact on their comfort, health and well-being.” Well, yes, but I want to know how Andrews got Barney to drop from 11 to 4 stone and whether he is willing to place me in protective custody after Christmas on the same canine slim fast program.

By the way, England’s Animal Welfare Act mandates that overfeeding a cat or dog can result in a fine of up to £20,000 or even 12 months’ jail.

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18 thoughts on “Barney The Bovine Canine: Man Barred From Owning Dogs for Ten Years After Overfeeding Dalmatian”

  1. Gyges,

    How did you know I have tombstone shoes and a graveyard mind?

    I’ve been known to sit and play the Bo Diddley beat. Never really getting near a song. Just the beat and noodling.

    It’s just that fun.

  2. eniobob,

    If you can’t get comfortable in those horrific plastic airport chairs when dressed casually I don’t see how this helps. I’m thinking some would consider traveling with lizards taped to one’s body would be punishment enough. Not me. I like the little critters, but there are many people who don’t do scaly. Besides, I’ve always wanted to answer a stewardesses question, “What’s that in your pocket?” with “Gila Monster . . . and is he glad to see you!”. Well. Say it and to actually have the reptile attached that is. (I KID!!! No one try that! It would end badly. And I’m not talking the legal consequences.)

    But tangentially this is an example where no amount of shame would be an appropriate punishment. If a man is arrested for taping lizards to his body for smuggling purposes, I’m going to make a leap here and assume a sandwich board sign saying “I’m a Lizard Smuggler” isn’t going to be exactly punishment.

  3. SCFD.

    Not everyone reads the instructions, but selling chocolate treats for dogs implies to those that do not read the instructions that chocolate is OK for dogs.

  4. Byron,

    I know you’re kidding, but I’ll never turn down a chance to listen to one of the Greats.

  5. Lottakatz:

    is it just me and my right wing conspiracy thing or is “Bo” the initials of the president?

    Coincidence or something else more sinister? Perpetrated by the president to dupe unsuspecting conservatives into saying “I love B O”.

    Clever, very clever.

  6. Byron

    can I get a free sample?

    send to:

    1450 Pennsylvania Ave SE
    Washington, DC 20003-3029
    C/O Bo Obama, Esq.


    🙂 Well done.

  7. SCFD:

    can I get a free sample?

    send to:

    1450 Pennsylvania Ave SE
    Washington, DC 20003-3029
    C/O Bo Obama, Esq.

  8. As the UK’s only cocoa free dog choc manufacturer we stress on the packaging that human chocolate is toxic for dogs and that our products are safe.

  9. CM:

    it is the dose as stated above in the main post.

    I have a Dachshund that weighs about 20 lbs ( approx 9 kg) that ate a bunch of chocolate and I was freaking out but he survived with no ill effects except a new found lust for the fruit of the cocoa tree. So I am not quite as worried about the occasional bit of chocolate that I once was. Although I do not feed it them.

  10. I notice a chocolate flavoured dog treat in a supermarket. This has to be a bad idea since even if the manufacturer has removed the toxic component it gives buyers the false idea that chocolate is safe for dogs which it is not.

  11. Chocolate is very poisonous for dogs. They make baits for coyotes out of it.

    other things that also should be off the doggy menu because poisonous or harmful should be macadamia nuts, grapes and onions.

  12. I suppose that the man can invent a doggy wheel. I guess England has not to much in crime so that is why the focus is on the dog. Doesn’t England have like the fattest people on earth or something like that?

    So does it really surprise you that its dogs are fat too?

    England worst in Western Europe for obesity and teenage pregnancy


  13. I think you may be on to something with your post Christmas inquiry, Prof. If he’s got a plan that good, Mr. Green might want to consider getting in to the infomercial fitness industry.

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