15 thoughts on “And Then One Brave Mouse Stepped Forward to Parley . . .”

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  2. Blouise: “Bonnie: …little did I realize then just how much had been cancelled.”


    Amen to that.

  3. Bonnie:

    … as was I. I vividly remember sitting in my dorm room, listening to the radio, praying and crying, and wondering whether or not the dance at Kenyon would be cancelled ……. little did I realize then just how much had been cancelled.

  4. I love your kitty pictures and videos. Off topic: Today is the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I was 18 when it happened.

  5. We have several field mice out here in the wilds. The house cats don’t know what to do with them but the barn cats form a hunting party and employ tactics that reminds one of a wolf pack.

  6. a field mouse is a different animal than a pet shop mouse. Mighty Mouse was a field mouse and a well deserved reputation for fearlessness.

    I used to keep a snake in my office and would feed them mice, the white pet shop mice, once or twice a week depending on how the snake looked. The pet shop mice never did anything but get eaten by the snake, they were all very timid and never put up any fight. That was my exposure to our friend Mus musculus. A contemptible creature in my mind only worthy of being food for a snake or a lizard or a hawk.

    Well that was before I met his wild cousin, we were building a house and a small mouse was captured in the bedroom. I decided that the snake needed to eat and so placed the “mouse” in the snakes cage, that was a big mistake. This wild mouse was nothing like a pet store mouse. He started tearing that snake a new one, jumping all over the cage and landing on the snake and taking bites out of the snake only to quickly move to a new location on the snakes body.

    After about 2 or 3 minuets of this I was thinking I better get the mouse out of the cage our he would kill my snake. But by this time the snake realized he was dealing with a stone cold killer and had better take things seriously and so he dispatched the mouse and had a not so pleasant repast.

    From that day on I have had nothing but heartfelt admiration for wild mice. Ounce for ounce they are one of the toughest animals on the planet in my opinion. Or possibly it was metaphor for living free or living in chains and what happens to an organism when it is not self reliant and dependent on others for it’s survival.

  7. I’m reminded of a cartoon I once saw. It was titled something like “The Final Act of Defiance”. It showed a hawk bearing down hard on a mouse with talnos outstretched and ready for the bloody snatch. The mouse, meanwhile, struck a defiant stance with his middle finger upwardly extended.

  8. My expectation as a biologist is that the most likely outcome of this parlay was a cat’s parfait…followed by a belched meow….

  9. I’ve seen this with voles as well. It’s like the little birds that dive bomb the hawk until it leaves. Squirrels will run after hawks also when their babies are at stake.

  10. That’s one mouse I want on MY side!

    Or as Kurtz might have said; “Give me 2 divisions of mice like that and our problems here will be over very quickly.”

  11. I bet he did a Cheney and went underground.

    Just because a mouse is the elephants only natural enemy, does not mean that if the elephant could figure out how to keep this rodent out of its nose it would be afraid of it.

    This is a great shot. So what really happened to the cat?

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