Bewitched: University of Nebraska Settles Case With Witch After Preliminary Finding of Discrimination

According to critics, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln has ended its witch hunt. It settled with an unnamed self-described witch who alleged that she was fired after coming out of the figurative broom closet.

The settlement was for $40,000, though the University insisted the settlement was “solely to compromise the claim … without admitting the validity of plaintiff’s contention or any allegations of wrongdoing by the defendants.”
The witch said she was the director of a youth program in 2007 when she revealed her religious views to an associate dean.

She filed a complaint with the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission, which found reasonable cause to believe religious discrimination had taken place.

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12 thoughts on “Bewitched: University of Nebraska Settles Case With Witch After Preliminary Finding of Discrimination”

  1. Simone,

    Child Labor laws are pretty well established in Colorado and a large company just got busted for letting 14-16 year olds work heavy machinery.

  2. uh I get that…pagan rights are pretty well established in that part of Nebraska so I’m thinking the witch was being either litigiously absurd or absurdly litigious.

  3. Simone,

    This isn’t about forcing people to respect your beliefs, this about forcing people to respect your right to believe them.

  4. Yes, we all need to value all opinions because we value diversity so we value diversity of opinion which leads us to paying persons who are of the opinion that mixing ingredients like newts into a cauldron will make something happen, uh did I read that right…$40,000? Hey…now it makes sense!

  5. Blouise,

    Yes, this is the day that Kennedy was assassinated. Killed dead by more than one covert operator of our government. The one that I am leaning towards is it was a way to get Bobby Kennedy too as he was going after Sam and the Family. I have heard that LBJ although crazy was controllable with enough whiskey. Hoover had some good scoop on him as well. I do not believe that if national TV is the way it is today that LBJ would have ever gotten into office.

  6. I have a couple friends who practice The Craft. They are perfectly nice people and make far more sense than the Birthers, Deathers, and Teabaaggers.

  7. Buddha,
    You are showing your age when you reference Tabitha! I don’t think Tabitha would have ended up in Nebraska. She would be in New York City working for Larry Tate’s advertisement agency which is now run by Larry Tate’s grandson. I smell a sitcom deal!

  8. Go, Big Red! You Huskers. It’s always something.

    I always wondered what Tabitha Stephens went on to do in adulthood. I can understand the anonymity in something like this when one has famous parents. I wonder if she looks like mom?

    (Lighten up, Wiccans. It’s a joke. You guys make a lot more sense than some religions. Xenu, looking your direction.)

  9. I wonder how many teachers got settlements that I have had? I swear that they were witches, witches? Maybe I have it confused with another word.

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