Kick-Off: Man Kicks Dog To Death To Watch Steelers Game

William Woodson, 22, really wanted to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers game. So much so that, according to police, the Bridgeville, Pa. man kicked his girlfriend’s puppy to death for misbehaving.

Woodson was supposed to take the pit bull puppy for a walk but the puppy resisted around 1 p.m. Sunday at the start of the football game.

His girlfriend, Christine Gielarowski, 21, may also face charges after giving police a false name and identity. She was present when the dog was kicked to death.

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14 thoughts on “Kick-Off: Man Kicks Dog To Death To Watch Steelers Game”

  1. most I found so far for address and info is

    William Woodson 22 lives on Jane Way, bridgeville pa
    Christine Gierlarowski, 21

    I sooo hope he gets LOTS of “friendly” visits and pays MAX time for this sooo sick act

  2. It is our opinion that a person who could perpetrate such a crime is a danger to society. If a man could kick an innocent puppy to death over a football game, what might he do to the next person who purposely cuts him off on the highway?

    What do you think? Does an act like this indicate a dangerous person, or just a cowardly bully? If found guilty, what punishment would be appropriate? Please vote:

  3. Booker Hogan,

    Why waste Jail or Prison space on him. He would end up dead in Prison. If he went to jail he would be severely beaten. I say send him to Prison. He’ll get more than he bargained for.

  4. Where is all of the clamer for a prison sentence? I’ll bet the ass hole is not black.

  5. Meet the lovely Christine Gielarowski (and note the ‘Send a Message’ link on that page)

    …and two points that most media is not mentioning:

    -The lovely Miss Gielarowski allowed her boyfriend to dock the dog’s tail AT HOME, previous to this.

    -The lovely Miss Gielarowski supports her boyfriend and attended his arraignment hearing.

  6. I agree with Buddha. A course of “steel toe cap therapy” required.
    Either that or set the pups parents on him.

  7. AY & Buddha,
    This felon needs to spend some quality time at hard labor. I have read and seen some pretty sick animal abuse cases, but this one is right up there at the top. He should be incarcerated for a long, long time. Maybe he can spend some quality time with the “rescue ink” guys.

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  9. Are you sure that you have linked this man to the correct team? I would make a guess that he is an Eagles fan and was wearing his lucky Green and White #7 jersey?
    I’ll need to see a mug shot of him IN a Steelers jersey until I will call this guy a Steelers fan.

  10. Some things just merit a beating as punishment. This would be one of them.

  11. Does anybody have this asswipes address or phone number. Its time I visit the man for a feral time.

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