Texas Police Shoot Dog and Then Taser Dog’s Deaf Elderly Owner For Failing to Obey Commands

Police in Bruceville-Eddy, Texas shot and killed a dog that they insist was threatening them and then tasered its elderly owner for failing to obey their commands. The man turns out to be deaf and there is still no word on the investigation that began in March in the incident.

A woman called police to say that two dogs had chased her into her home. The police and an animal control officer found the two dogs at the man’s home and one of the dogs, a mixed breed mastiff-pit bull, charged at their cars. A deputy constable proceeded to shoot the dog. When the owner ran outside, the officer told him to stop and go back into his house. He did not and so they tasered the elderly man. He is deaf.

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28 thoughts on “Texas Police Shoot Dog and Then Taser Dog’s Deaf Elderly Owner For Failing to Obey Commands”

  1. The hole problem is the police on the streets have very little education. There traing is little or none and they have zero problem solving skills. This is what happends when you hire low educated non trained police they are so scared and dont understand how to asses a situation take control of that situation with common sence. They should not be police officer until they learn critical thinking objective control and easy and proper arrest tactics.

  2. For people wondering how the guy could know what was going on in order to come running out of his house if he was deaf:

    1. He could have been looking out the window.
    2. Even though deaf, some people can still hear extremely loud noises like a gunshot.
    3. Someone else in the house communicated to him, “Oh my God, the cops just shot your dog!”

  3. Wow that gutless bitch must be proud.
    Been chased and made late to school by the same pit bull and never once called in for this very reason. Poor poor man. What a stock bunch of bastards.

  4. http://www.wsoctv.com/news/16123465/detail.html

    Just one example. The issue is clearly not a matter of individual rogue cops, etc. but a culture that dismisses such activity and makes it seem acceptable. Let me ask you… where do you think these folks get the idea that it makes ‘sense’ to taser their own children, foster kids, etc.? It’s because it’s so acceptable to taser other people in their line of ‘work’ and to do so without anything we’d call reasonable cause.

    So now all the police will post about how we ‘have no idea’.. and they are right, we don’t but clearly neither do they if they think this culture/mindset is defensible. Then again, is it any different than military personnel coming home after seeing and being part of all sorts of appalling things and having to acclimate to what is expected here? Don’t get me wrong! I know the vast majority of military veterans who come home, even when suffering tremendously from PTSD, etc. manage to function in a way that doesn’t harm anyone else, but for those who don’t manage it – everyone (including the veteran themselves typically) is harmed.

  5. Oh and indeed, tasers have been used by officers on their own children. I was at a seminar yesterday – legal seminar on being a guardian ad litem – that showed unidentified photos of a child that had small burns all over his back and buttocks (such clever people- they think it’s appropriate punishment but they make a point of doing it where no one should see it). Both parents were corrections officers and had brought the taser home.

    Spare the taser, spoil the child.

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