9 thoughts on “SUNDAY IS A DAY OF REST”

  1. you do realise that sunday was not the original day of rest, it was saturday? yaum us sitah in arabic, the 7th day.

    it was changed like most of christianity by the pagan emperor constantine.

  2. …but never, never on a Sunday, a Sunday, a Sunday ’cause that’s my day of rest…

    (No! Not said by a false gawd on the 7th day, but rather sung by some real heavenly bodies)

  3. that is a propaganda picture pure and simple, note the Golden Retriever. A GR will take love from whatever quarter it can find. Had that been a Rottweiler or a German Shepard I may believe in a Sunday “Truce”.

    With the Golden Retriever it is pure canine propaganda and an attempt to lull Felis Catus into a false sense of security.

    What is next professor, showing Sarah Palin feeding wolves?

  4. Buddha,

    And I am almost certainly assured that you obliged even the loneliest. You are such a gal pal…lol

  5. I’ve noticed whenever one has a pack of animals – dogs, cats or mixed – very often one animal seems to be the “designated pillow”. I’ve noticed a similar thing in human grouping as well. In college, in our circle of friends me and a guy named Dave seemed to be the designated furniture for the gals in the group. It’s odd . . . and kind of comforting. Touch is primal. Sometimes primitive doesn’t mean backward, it just means simple. Simple is good. It keeps error low.

  6. I see the black cats. This dog better not move as they will rip this pillow to shreds…

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