Kung Fu Orca: New Pictures Show How Orcas Use Deadly Chop on Killer Sharks

Call it Karate Kid Meets Free Willy. Researchers have taken pictures showing how Orcas kill with a type of “karate chop.” In rare pictures, one orca takes out a killer shark with the move.

The coup de grace on the killer shark allows ocras to eat the very top predators in the marine food chain. It was captured by orca expert Dr. Ingrid Visser, 43.

The ocras use their tails to drive sharks to the surface and then deliver the deadly chop.

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6 thoughts on “Kung Fu Orca: New Pictures Show How Orcas Use Deadly Chop on Killer Sharks”

  1. Second paragraph
    The typo about ocra eating mammals is really gonna screw with some vegetarians.
    Sorry just tickled my funny bone

  2. Simply cool.

    But like the little old man would say in the old chop sake films of the 70’s before killing all the bad guys with a tea towel, “Your kung-fu is pretty good, but first you must fight the bear.” Now he can use orcas in his threats. That’ll really confuse the bad guys.

    And Dr. Visser is a cutie.

  3. Those some sneaky whales! This must be sneaky and dangerous animal day. First a killer moose and now a Killer Whale. Those whales are amazing when you watch video of killer whales trying to catch seals right on the edge of the beach.

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