Stockholm Syndrome : Husband Released After Police Determine The Moose Did It

With karate chopping whales and conspiratorial cats, this should not surprise us. In Stockholm, Swedish police have released a husband suspected in the death of his wife after determining that . . . the Moose did it.

Agneta Westlund, 63, was found dead during a stroll in the forest. Ingemar Westlund was arrested until someone bothered to notice that Agneta was covered in the hairs and saliva from a moose. One would have hoped that the forensic folks would have checked the body before incarcerating a grieving husband.

The moose remains on the loose.

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11 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome : Husband Released After Police Determine The Moose Did It”

  1. My contacts in Stockholm sent me this video clearly showing the whole episode was a tragic plane accident:

  2. “The Moose Did It” Unlike antlers, butlers get no respect in crime nowadays..

  3. My first thought was, when will the Moose Lodge his appeal or countersuit…

    After all, the lady was trespassing on the moose’s property.

  4. rafflaw,

    Aren’t you in the Lion’s Club? Isn’t there an unwritten agreement not to disparage members of fellow fraternal animal based organizations? Did you get kicked out of the Moose Lodge recently? Did you criticize their fish fry?

  5. My reaction when I read this, besides “bad moose” and “poor Mr. Westlund”, was “idiot cops”.

    You boys couldn’t tell a moose victim from a human victim without a lab? I’m not Quincy or Gil Grissom but I’m pretty sure I’d be able to tell if an old man or a moose gored a woman to death by visual inspection alone. I’m thinking a blind man could tell the difference too. Moose STINK. Did any of you bother looking for the weapon? I’m almost 100% positive Mr. Westlund doesn’t have antlers.

    That’s just sad police work. You boys should all be on whatever Stockholm PD considers the shit detail. I just hope it’s not “Moose Patrol”.

  6. Moose? I had a client that got some time for an aggravated battery. Nah, couldn’t be the same. He was dumber than a moose. Well, you know when you want to ban them steeple of them Islams. Oh wait, wrong country. duh

  7. Are we sure that the husband didn’t retain the services of the killer moose to “off” his wife?? You can’t trust any moose!

    1. Indeed, Rafflaw, that was one of my first thoughts. Moose assassins are well known in Icelandic country. Hence, the expression “meet the Moose” or “he called the Moose.”

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