Can You Hear Me Now? Police Officer Recorded Using Racial Slur on Cell

Maryland Trooper Sgt. John Maiello may wish that coverage was not as good on the Eastern Shore. He is accused of unwittingly leaving a message with a racial slur on the cell phone answering system of Teleta DaShiell. The officer on the call clearly believes that the phone call has ended and is heard using the slurs in reference to DaShiell.

According to local media, the officer says in the message: “Hey, it’s Sergeant M. with the State Police. Call me back.” He is then heard speaking to someone else and saying “Why, that’s what I think about it, and I need to hear (expletive) like that … That’s when I say to myself, ‘Oh my God … I’m listening to some God dang (expletive)’s voice mail play for 20 minutes.'”

Maiello is a fugitive criminal investigator of 13 years and served on Gov. Martin O’Malley’s transition team for public safety, corrections and state police.

For the full story, click here and here.

6 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now? Police Officer Recorded Using Racial Slur on Cell”

  1. I know Sgt. Maiello. He is a dedicated Maryland State Police officer that works tirelessly to apprehend dangerous criminals, so that you knuckleheads can sleep safely at night. He puts in long hours, getting little rest, seldom claiming overtime, even when he is entitled to it, saving the state money. The guy runs himself ragged for the State of Maryland, and when he makes a mistake, at a time when he has probably had little rest, the citizenry is ready to throw him under the proverbial bus. Why not give this good servant of the state a break, and go after the rappers that use the dreaded “N word” …once or twice in every utterance they make?

  2. I am rereading my post. And I see where the Director of Racial Insensitivity for the Department of Inmate Killing is probably appropriate. DRI-DIK

  3. Nah Buddha,

    He is fine material for the administration. Maybe director of Racial Insensitivity for the Department of Inmate Killing.

    What do you do with Colonels who fuck up, you promote them to Generals.

  4. Can you hear me now?


    Pssst, Junior G-man. The phone has an off switch. Enjoy the beat because you’ll never make detective.

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