Former Miss Argentina Dies After Cosmetic Surgery on Buttocks

We have been following tort cases involving cosmetic surgeries. Now, former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano, has died from complications after undergoing gluteoplasty to reduce her buttocks in Buenos Aires.

Close friend Roberto Piazza said the liquid from the injections “went to her lungs and brain” and she eventually died from an embolism.

This procedure can involve both butt implants and butt “lifts.” The allegation in this case sounds quite close to the theory of breast implant litigation — involving leaking and migrating fluids. Gluteoplasty is becoming a major area for cosmetic surgery and it will be interesting to see if there is a parallel increase in litigation.

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10 thoughts on “Former Miss Argentina Dies After Cosmetic Surgery on Buttocks”

  1. Exactly! Moreover, who would think of reducing their buttocks, in Argentina of all places…. Have they forgotten bigger is always better?

    This story just makes me so sad and mad… People should get their heads examined. What a waste of human flesh and small-mindedness.

  2. Sad news. My first thought was, “If you win Miss Agentina, what could possibly be wrong with your ass?”

  3. Ms EM’

    I was just reared as an average ol’ country boy who had a moonshiner/black land farmin’ grandpappy who kept me in stitches with hisn’ nonstandard English humor.

    I got me 2 of them college degrees, visited Uncle Sam for a spell, got my dream job, raised a family, retired too early, and now I spend a large part of my days wonderin’ where all of those years have gone…

  4. Momma always said, vanity will get you in the ‘end’, ‘but’ we never heed the possible ‘disastrous’ endings of such ‘rebuttals’…

    I feel sorry for this woman because she assumed too much.

  5. As my late Mom used to say, “What price vanity?”

    *rant on*

    The proliferation of elective cosmetic surgery in our society is disgusting. I think it speaks volumes about our collective mental health and media-imposed lack of self-esteem that we can’t just be comfortable with ourselves and not give a rat’s ass what other people think about the way we look.

    *rant off*

  6. Anonymously Yours, I don’t think Cheney would let doctors inject fluids directly into his brain. I would like to ask him to stand directly in front of an open microwave oven though.

  7. I wonder if Dick Cheney has thought about this procedure. Reduce his ass a bit. Hmm, me thinks there would not be much of him left.

  8. I’m hardly apocalyptic in my beliefs, but if there is a sign of “end times” coming it is the proliferation of cosmetic plastic surgery. I’ve admitted before that watching these shows on TV is a guilty pleasure for me and my wife. We’re fascinated by the rationalizations people use to get this kind of surgery and the silly beliefs that it will change their emotional state and/or
    further their careers. The most frightening part though is that many of these are serious procedures that are not performed under ideal medical conditions.

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