Off on a Tangent: Teacher Displays Trust After Arrest for Child Molestation

One has to love the t-shirt choice for this mugshot for Jenifer Stitzel, 34, a Christian preschool teacher arrested for having sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy on school grounds at the Central Valley Christian School in Tangent, Oregon. It all about trust.

The boy’s parents reportedly found sexually explicit text messages from Stitzel on his phone. She has been charged with two counts of third-degree sex abuse. She is married and the boy is in the eighth grade.

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8 thoughts on “Off on a Tangent: Teacher Displays Trust After Arrest for Child Molestation”

  1. She was my preschool teacher. I never really got why she was always so rude and mean. But I get it now. I’m so sad she did this that is just terrible! Sad

  2. If she were a Christian she wouldn’t be molesting children.

    Ye shall know them by their fruits.

    She can call herself an ape, but that still doesn’t make it true.

    (Apologies to apes).

  3. I had my 30th reunion this past summer. It is always a running joke about how many of our classmates dated teachers.

    I never did, but do know a couple of others who did (and in one case, the “teacher” admitted it to me years later).

    In each and every case, these women were gorgeous.

    As a youngster, I was envious, if I am truthful.

  4. She is what my grandmother would have called “unfortunate looking”. I’m going with Buelah on this one with the caveat that there is no accounting for taste just as there is no excuse for sleeping with a 14 year old.

  5. All I am saying is that as a kid, my hots only went towards the babes. I wouldn’t have had an affair with this woman, in any circumstance I can consider.

    I, too, went to a rural school. But we knew the difference between a hottie and this woman.

  6. Buelahman,

    As a 6th Grader I do certainly remember a teach I had. I did well for some reason. I did not do her. Just make sure. It was a rural school.

  7. Well soon enough she’ll be off on another tangent. Soon I am sure. Wow and she looks not as good as the teacher from Florida or NY or anywhere else….

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