Beef, It’s What’s for Battery: Florida Woman Allegedly Attacks Boyfriend with Steak in Fight Over Bread

Food appears to be the weapon of choice in Florida this week. A couple days ago, we saw a man who was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend with a hamburger (here). Now, Elsie Egan, 53, in Dunnellon, Florida was arrested for allegedly hitting her boyfriend Peter Schabhuttl, 49, several times in the head with a raw steak.

Schabhuttl is described as disabled and terminally ill with cancer. He has reportedly lived with Elsie for 16 years — until that is she allegedly hit him “on top of his head with an uncooked steak (approximately 10-16 oz.).” They were arguing over the bread that would be served with dinner. Schabhuttl wanted a roll, but Egan offered sliced bread. Bread was therefore the motive but the steak was the weapon. It is not clear if she will claim a tenderizing defense but 16 ounces can carry a wallop.

Elsie has been charged with felony domestic abuse.

The fact is that steaks have long been used in assaults as shown in Napoleon Dynamite:

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7 thoughts on “Beef, It’s What’s for Battery: Florida Woman Allegedly Attacks Boyfriend with Steak in Fight Over Bread”

  1. Well, with felony domestic battery, it appears to me that Ms. Elsie has a lot at steak; in more ways than one.

  2. I realize that mug shots are never flattering, but I can’t help thinking that Ms. Egan is probably better off having employed the steak as a weapon rather than as her dinner.

  3. Torts question:

    Was this domesticated beef or wild (free range) beef; and would the latter (chucked) be ‘grounds’ for strict liability?

  4. It goes to show you the truism, man cannot live by bread alone. I guess someone should have turned the other cheek.

  5. What’s the beef?

    Where is Clara Peller when you need a new tourism ad campaign, Florida?

    How about Sam Elliot?

    Beef. It’s the weapon of choice.

    Anita Bryant?

    Beef. Not just for assault anymore.

    It makes me wonder how you people there treat chicken.

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