The Doubtfire Defense: Woman Stopped With Man’s Ski Pass Claims Sex Change Operation

Now here is a defense that you would not have seen just a couple decades ago. Sarah Fowke, 23, was stopped attempting to use someone else’s ski pass at a Colorado ski resort. Ski officials noticed that the pass was for a man named Nicholas Hemstreet and Fowke explained that she was originally a man but had completed a series of sex change operations.

>Fowke could recall “her” birthdate and middle initial but was a bit slow on details. She then volunteered the telephone number of Hemstreet father and explained that her parents disowned her after her sex change operation. The police took her up on the offer and called Hemstreet’s father who was quite surprised to hear about his son’s decision to become a woman.

Hemstreet later called the police to say that he had given his pass to his girlfriend, Fowke.

Fowke was charged with theft over $500 and criminal impersonation. They do say that, over time, couples tend to look more and more like each other.

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11 thoughts on “The Doubtfire Defense: Woman Stopped With Man’s Ski Pass Claims Sex Change Operation”

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  2. Personally, I don’t care if a transgendered person is in the same restroom as me–as long as they keep Senator Craig out!

  3. nal,

    This would be equalization to Larceny by trick, Fraud of an Innkeeper. In this situation it is the deceptive use of the ski facilities.

    Larceny is the taking of anothers property with the intent to permanently deprive the rightful owner. In this instance it is use of the ski lift. It makes sense if your mind has been twisted, spun around without rinsing.

  4. Since she took it this far, I would recommend she goes ahead and gets the sex change operation. That should confuse the jury enough to get her an acquittal.

  5. Maybe the theft refers to theft of services, from the ski resort, not theft of the pass itself.

  6. I’ll have to say it seems like a lot of trouble simply because someone wanted to go taunt gravity.

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