Video: Pop Star Lip Syncs While Holding Mike Upside Down

This should make Ashlee Simpson feel a bit better for the Saturday Night Live lip sync scandal. This Romanian pop singer was not only lip syncing but it was hard to miss since he was holding the mike upside down.

The video below is part of a popular Romanian music show called Stele-sub-lupa. He is the lead of “Jukebox.”

For the story, click here.

5 thoughts on “Video: Pop Star Lip Syncs While Holding Mike Upside Down”

  1. Maybe the voice carries too well and the audio person asked that he refrain from singing directly in the equipment. Yeah, thats it.

  2. All you fakers in L.A. can all feel better about yourselves now. Relax. I know sometimes there are valid technical reasons for the practice – like at the Super Bowl – but often it’s because the singer simply sucks without auto-tune.

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