The Naughty List: Christians Organize Blacklist of Businesses Failing To Wish Customers “Merry Christmas”

Christians are now organizing a boycott against businesses that fail to wish everyone “Merry Christmas” or use that offensive greeting “Happy Holidays.” Stores are being monitored and blacklisted for just wishing everyone “Happy Holidays” instead of referencing Christmas specifically.

The site is listing businesses on whether they are naughty or nice on using Christmas in greetings.

The group listed companies by whether they are “friendly,” “negligent,” or “offensive” in the use of such terms as Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings instead of Merry Christmas.

The group explains in a standard letter:

“Yet, the trend is pervasive to preempt “Christmas” with generic terms like “holiday” or belabored
euphemisms like “Merry gift-giving” – and especially among retailers.”

The group says that it can accept signs reading Happy Holidays if they also include Merry Christmas.

However, the legions of Christmas inspectors report on stores that are light on Christ with such reviews as this one:

Comment Date: Nov 24 2009 10:29 PM
Rating: Christmas-Offensive
Comment: I’ve received Kohls advertisements, have seen the ads on TV and stopped in the store in Pasadena, TX. None of these have had the word Christmas anywhere. The TV ads seem to specifically avoid any mention of Christmas – they show snow flakes and talk about giving the right gift, etc. They also do not mention the typical “Happy Holidays” as if to make it ok, but this is offensive in itself. Not only will I not shop Kohls at Christmas, but will not shop there at any other time.

Another reported the following violation:

Comment Date: Nov 28 2009 10:29 AM
Rating: Christmas-Negligent
Comment: The clerk was friendly, but said, “Happy Holidays” when I was leaving.

Of course, Christ himself tended to be a little less into the whole shopping part of the holidays.

King James Bible
And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

72 thoughts on “The Naughty List: Christians Organize Blacklist of Businesses Failing To Wish Customers “Merry Christmas””

  1. As a Check-out chick, I got sick of being snapped at for saying Happy Easter or Merry Christmas by people who weren’t Christian telling me very loudly and rudely that they weren’t celebrating the season.

    So I stopped saying anything to anyone.

    It used to make me really angry because I’m not Christian either, although my anglo-middle class appearance might stereotype me to be one, but I know that people who are working are just trying to be polite when they say things.


    They’re sick of getting attacked (if they’re a store clerk) or getting SUED for goodness sake (if they’re a company).


    We’ve made the world around us, so if you’re not happy with hearing Happy Holidays, then you better start up a new Crusade for the Holy Land.

  2. the point is that retailers sure do want that Christmas $$…but can’t offer a simple show of respect for the majority of customers that celebrate Christmas. Instead they cow tow to a few offended types and lawyers. I am not offended my hanunkah, or the holidays of other religions…most ppl arnt. IMHO those who are showing the most intolorance, and hatred are those who worship at the alter of atheism. They are the ones who see Christmas and feel so upset that they must sue.

  3. rafflaw: “Happy Festivus…”

    OOOOh, Festivus. Can I visit after the dinner to watch the arm wrestling?

  4. Tootie:

    “I don’t believe that a Christian can be a member of the Democratic Party, as they are mutually exclusive.”


    Your posts lead me to think that Christians can’t be members of any thinking party for the same reason. BTW I found the survey again by simply Googling the exact words. It tool .58 seconds. Isn’t sloth a deadly sin?

  5. More precisely: that eliminates many Catholic and protestant VOTERS (from the pool of people who are frauds and not christian–or profoundly stupid).

  6. mespo:

    I didn’t find the study you referred especially since you didn’t provide a title or link to it. And by your vicious conduct and demeanor, I’m sure I am not willing to take your word for what it says exactly or that you think a Christian is.

    For example, I don’t believe that a Christian can be a member of the Democratic Party, as they are mutually exclusive. That eliminates a lot of Catholics and many alleged protestants.

    If Christians were, as you say, in charge of the culture, abortion would not be legal.

  7. The winter solstice begins in a few days and thus another Pagan Ritual as well. Can we roll ever green over the Mountain to appease the gods and make the days longer. I guess the Gods must be pleased as the days do indeed get longer.

    Isis is pleased too celebrate the day X marks the Spot already.

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