Jaw Breaker: Chemistry Blows Jaw Off After Chewing Explosive Material

At first this seemed like the ultimate product liability claim, but it now appears a chemistry student in Ukraine may have blown his jaw off by chewing an explosive material. The 25-year-old student was found by his family, which heard a loud pop in his room and later found an unidentified explosive material next to his gum on this desk.

The student studies at Kiev Polytechnic Institute and was working at a computer late on Saturday. He was known to have some bizarre habits like coating his gum with citric acid. The chewing gum found by police was covered in the unidentified substance. They also found citric acid.

For the full story, click here.

7 thoughts on “Jaw Breaker: Chemistry Blows Jaw Off After Chewing Explosive Material”

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  3. Peyton Farquhar has some interesting law related postings on his blawg; I visited thinking you, Buddha, were living a double life and forgot to change your avatar. I wondered why you decided to mess with your avatar when I saw it (his) in the ‘recent comments’ column.

  4. How stupid can you be? Watching things explode wasn’t good enough this mental giant. He had to see how it felt to put a bomb in his mouth! Professor, I was excited to see your picture of the Atomic Fire Ball candy! It brought back memories of running down the hall in grade school to get a drink after eating too many of the “Fireballs” at one time!

  5. Well, I guess this is not a good as the shot heard around the world. But one heck of a bubble. WOW.

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