Wirth-Less: Man Accused of Double Murder Tasered in Courtroom Brawl

I suppose the large tattoo on the neck of Andrew J. Wirth, 24, reading “NOTHING TO LOSE” might have given the court deputies a clue that they were in for trouble at the appearance of the Wisconsin man in court. Wirth is accused of first shooting a couple to death outside a bar after a woman playfully grabbed him. He then tore up a courtroom while yelling at the judge.

Police say that Jennifer K. Luick, 37, an off-duty six-year veteran of the Town of Oconomowoc Police Department, was teasing men by grabbing their behinds in a bar when Wirth went ballistic. Upset, he stepped outside with Luick and Gregg T. Peters, 40, and proceeded to pull out a .380 semiautomatic handgun and shot Peters in the left side of the torso and Luick near her right breast.

He was charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide. Then in appearing in court on Monday, police had to taser him twice after he lunged at the gallery and screamed profanities. He was then dragged out of the courtroom.

It turns out that the tattoo is not just a social statement but a legal strategy for Wirth.

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27 thoughts on “Wirth-Less: Man Accused of Double Murder Tasered in Courtroom Brawl”

  1. I can’t believe the demeanor of the entire court. The cop was sexually harrassing Andrew. Like that’s a reputable action for a member of “law enforcement.” It’s unfortunate how often members of law enforcement seem to be above the law. I imagine if the roles had been reversed then everyone would believe the shooting was justified. I believe Andrew shouldn’t have done any time. No one has the right to bully another or touch others without permission. Charges should be pressed against the cop’s friend for sexual harrassment! The friend even admitted this on the stand. The fact that the case even went to trial is ridiculous.

  2. He will serve his time and get out mistake is what he made and let him be what was she doing grabbing butts when she had a man to me she should have kept her hands on her mans butt not some strangers. Im not trying to justify the crime but he told her stop and bc she was a cop like all they do as they please with no regard her death was an accident and her mans death could have been stopped if he would’ve scolded his gf not the guy who told her to stop

  3. I say: if a person goes to a bar with a gun thinking if someone mess with me Im gonna hurt them.. Thats GUILTY .

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