New York City Erases Bike Lanes to Appease Hasidic Men Who Object to Seeing Women in Bike Shorts

There is an interesting controversy in Brooklyn after the city yielded to the Hasidic community in sandblasting off bike lanes on roads. Hasidic leaders complained that they are having trouble obeying their religious law forbidding them from staring at members of the opposite sex with women biking around in shorts. Bicycle advocates have been trying to repaint the lanes.

The Hasidic community has long viewed this enclave as their special area, even though other families and artists have moved in recently. That has caused trouble with the Shomrim Patrol, a Hasidic neighborhood watch group. The Shomrim recently apprehended two cycling advocates who were repainting the lane and called the police. No charges were filed but the bikers were prevented from repainting the lane.

I find it incredible that the city would yield to such demands by a religious group to erase bike lanes. A Department of Transportation spokesman said: “We will continue to work with any community on ways we can make changes to our streets without compromising safety.” However, this is a religious-based objection to women who are not covered. Yet, reports indicate that Mayor Bloomberg wanted to appease the Hasidic community before his recently close election.

Hasidic leaders say that the cyclists endanger families and children. However, this is not the view of the city in creating these lanes and they are found in every major city. The real objection appears to be their lifestyle and the rigid religious beliefs of this sect. It is a clearly improper decision that uses city resources to enforce values of a single religious group.

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317 thoughts on “New York City Erases Bike Lanes to Appease Hasidic Men Who Object to Seeing Women in Bike Shorts”

  1. I hope people will have the next World Naked Bike Ride through their town just to piss them off. Miserable religious retards. One of the best things in the world is a woman in bike shorts.

  2. Fuck these people. Seriously… If they have a problem not staring, that’s THEIR problem, not hte problem of the women in bike shorts.

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  7. Mkie Spindell

    I don’t “hate Jews”; I hate Sexism and Genocide and I find them both in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

  8. “Mike Spinell
    Do you agree with Bibi? You never objected.”

    “Mike Spindell
    Not Bibi Netanyahu Bibi commenter above”

    The “bibi” commentor above made three small comments, similar in content to those from “mazuza” above in that it was anti-Jewish posters that were posing as Jews trying to represent what Jewish supposedly believe. Did you really think that any of their comments were honest posting? Frankly, their techniques was so obvious and their commentary so rudimentary that I didn’t bother to respond to their nonsense. Your asking me that question, not referring to the PM of Israel, was a similar tactic to the question of “When did you stop beating your wife?” and I thought you had a little more dpeth than that. It is obvious from the range of your comments that you don’t like Jews, but then you aren’t a fan of Islam, or Christianity either. Given that, to be honest, I didn’t respond to some of the things you said in your earlier posts because you seem to stake out a point of view that goes far beyond hatred of Jews.

    Since this is your right and since a good part of your feeling comes from your own, different belief system, far be it from me to try to dissuade you from your opinions. However, I did note several sources that you could read that might give you a fuller context of the history of your own beliefs. By the way Joseph Campbell, who has written extensively on religion and mythology was neither a fan of Judaism, nor Christianity and he viewed Islam with a jaundiced eye.
    Nevertheless, he was in his time one of the great scholars of the entire philosophical/theological scene and there is much to profit in reading him. Especially the understanding that murderous religious activity far preceded the establishment of either Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    This murderous behavior sprang from many of the forerunners of your own beliefs as briefly detailed here. While all religions/philosophies came about by the desire of humanity to learn to live with itself in harmony, they all have at one time or another been coopted by those of sociopathic bent, who have misused faith as a means of gaining power and wreaking havoc. No belief has “clean hands” historically and the real solution towards comity of humanity is the understanding that even good things can be used for evil and the real issue has always been the sociopaths among us.

  9. Buddha:

    you make pasta? Damn you are my hero 🙂

    The closest I have ever come to fresh pasta is when the eggs and flour are on the counter at the same time.

  10. Astraea,
    I have a long history on this site of expressing the fact that I despise Bibi, Likud and his current government. Beyond that I decry religious fundamentalism of any sort and somehow you impress me as a fundamentalist in your own way, which puts you in the same league as those major religions you decry. Wiccans are fine with me, as are many Pagan beliefs, especially the worship of Gaiea. However, the history of all these so-called non traditional beliefs is such that over zealous practitioners have through the ages acted just as badly as any major religion.

    This is confirmed by Frasers’ “The Golden Bough,” Joseph Campbell’s entire body of work and Graves’ “White Goddess.” Offtimes one immerses themselves in a particular belief but fails to note the context of that belief and it leads to a narrowness of viewpoint. For instance your comment”

    “Mr.B, How about Witchcraft which operates on the Principle of “An ye harm none, do what you will”.”

    This formulation as you go on to explain it later is actually the basis and true justification of all religions. It was iterated first in the historical record by Confuscuious, The Buddha, Rabbi Hillel, Jesus and Mohammed. It also is at base in Hellenistic thought and in Hindu belief. The problem of any religious discipline is usually never the core belief or prophetic teachings, but those of the next generation of disciples who become entrapped in actually developing a canon and also become awash in their own ego’s.

    The history of the so-called “Pagan” religions, I don’t consider them less legitimate than all others, is sadly just as horrible and bloody as those that have current primacy. It is one thing to preach treating our fellow humans as we would treat ourselves and quite another to actually make that one’s true life practice.

  11. Nate —

    “In my opinion, you have a valid claim. It’s not limited to just the particular trail you’re on though. Whether it’s truly important to you, only you can decide. Realize you’ll find little company there because there’s no beauty there.”

    Thanks. I have no use for fanatics of any kind, religious or otherwise. “Biblical” religion is the worst. Btw, I’m just as “nice” to big-mouth Muslims and Christians as I am to big-mouth Jews. Hate to tell you, but YOU’RE company. Beauty, yes, AND the horror. It’s not the “best” of religion that bothers me. It’s the “worst” of it that bothers me, the EVIL done in the name of god and religion. Shoving evil back in its ugly face is a beautiful thing.

    “I’ve enjoyed our chat and the interaction I’ve had with some truly wonderful people on this site. I think you’re one of them.”

    Likewise. This is the only thread I’ve engaged on this site, linked here through the ridiculous bicycle story. Time to move along. Might play fetch with Buddha some more, arm’s getting a little tired. But he seems to be enjoying himself and probably needs the exercise.


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