Iran to Sue for World War II Reparations

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sent a letter to the United Nations announcing the intention for Iran to seek compensation for World War II damages. Putting aside his country’s support of terrorism around the world and repressions at home, Ahmadinejad believes the world owes his country for invading Iran in defeating the Nazis. Iran remained neutral as the world fought fascism.

Ahmadinejad says that he has people busy trying to estimate the costs. There is no question that Iran did suffer in the war as did most nations. There is also no question that the priority given to occupying troops left Iranians with little support during those years.

Iran intends to also include demands for compensation for the coup launched with U.S. support in 1953 to “reverse a popular uprising that had led to the nationalization of oil.” In 2000, former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright acknowledged that the U.S. played a role in the coup, stating “[t]he Eisenhower administration believed its actions were justified for strategic reasons… But the coup was clearly a setback for Iran’s political development. And it is easy to see now why many Iranians continue to resent this intervention by America.”

There is no statute of limitations for such claims, though Iran may find the world a bit unmoved by claims of damage during World War II when its agents are helping terrorists blow up people around the world. Perhaps we can strike a deal. We pay reparations for World War II and Iran pays reparations for decades of terrorism.

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  1. Sorry for the late response, Tom, but a degree is still just an indicator of what books a person has/should have read, not that they actually understood them. Bush has an MBA from Harvard Business School and he’s a full-flushing moron. I think that illustrates my point about the value of a diploma.

  2. It just totally sucks to be a backwards country in a strategic location or with critical strategic resources. Iran was both. After Rashid Ali was chased out of Iraq in April of ’41, the Shah’s government must have seen the writing on the wall. They were isolated from the Axis; the Indian Ocean was a British bathtub, to the North the desperate Soviets, to the west the neutral axis-leaning but impotent Turks and occupied Iraq and to the east British India and the howling wilderness of Afghanistan.

    The Iranians were trying to play both ends against the middle, except that one of the ends was a figment of their imagination. They could have easily cut a deal with the British to supply oil and allow transport of war materiel and maintained their sovereignty. It was World War II for crying out loud, didn’t they get the memo?

    Maybe they have a claim against the Soviets for starting revolts among minority groups and blatant defiance of the occupation treaty, but they’re out of business. And their claim against the US for the CIA coup ignores the fact that the coup restored power to the Shah’s government, the government with which the US had made treaties, not the communist revolutionaries trained and funded by the Soviets.

  3. “In the alternative, Mahmoud I’maDinnerJacket could read a book once in awhile instead of eating the pages.”

    TITCR 🙂

    I would imagine Achie burning the books though while wearing horns and his evil grin chanting death to America, the Jews, infidels, Israel, LGBTs etc.

  4. LOL. I thought the holocaust never happened!!! Waiiiit for it; wait for it: I have it. This is a very cynical way of Iran mocking the JEWS by saying taht just as the jews got money so should we. Or is it the jews got money for no reason so should we? I mean the holocaust never happened, right, right????

  5. BIL, President Ahmadinejad may be a jackass, he may be running his nation’s economy into the ground, he may be repressing his own people, he may be supporting organizations that intentionally murder civilians, but he isn’t lacking in academic abilities. He has a PhD in transportation engineering and planning.

    But on topic – why throw in the WWII stuff? They have a serious claim against the US. Why muddy that?

  6. Ok Buddha,

    This was offensive. The person may be suffering from Pica and eating pages maybe uncontrollable for them. I think you owe them an apology until you at least find out.

    Maybe Pica people may be covered under the ADA and you could force further meltdown of the economy by forcing a relative of the Pica person to have to take off unpaid time, there by losing the place that they live because they are unemployed and now living on the streets because they can’t pay for it.

  7. I think Cleopatra should sue Octavian for losses related to the Battle of Antium, including intentional infliction of emotional distress and loss of consortium.

    In the alternative, Mahmoud I’maDinnerJacket could read a book once in awhile instead of eating the pages.

  8. Maybe France and Spain should also sue the muslim countries for the destruction and killings of the first jihad back in the 7th century. Then Greece, Macedonia, Austria and others should sue these same muslim countries for the destruction, killings and rapes of the second jihad. We’ll take care of the third jihad with our own hands.

  9. They’re engaging the world and I for one am glad to see it.

    Receiving formal recognition of wrongs done and hardships suffered goes a long way in healing, regardless how the matter turns out legally.

  10. his country’s support of terrorism around the world

    Can Professor Turley name terrorist organizations Iran is purported to be supporting around the world or is he quoting the State Department annual list of states sponsoring terrorists? If he names the Hezbollah,well, that organization is considered mainstream in Lebanon where it’s participating in the government…
    The State Department list also includes Cuba as a state sponsoring terrorism.I look around and I don’t see the terrorists Cuba is supporting…
    In fact, in many parts of Latin America today, the U.S. is perceived to be close to being a state-sponsor of terrorism by the support it gives to the new regime issued from a coup d’etat in Honduras–against the wishes of the Honduran and the Latin-American peoples…

  11. Zero Sum Game. At least you know where you stand rather than being Cum Laud…..

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