Expecting a Court Martial: General Announces New Policy to Court Martial Pregnant Women in Iraq

Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo has announced that getting pregnant or impregnating a fellow soldier is an offense punishable by a court-martial in Iraq. He has stated that he will not charge women who are raped.

The order for the 22,000 soldiers under Cucolo’s command has been justified on the basis that they cannot lose soldier to this form of friendly fire: “I need every soldier I’ve got, especially since we are facing a drawdown of forces during our mission. Anyone who leaves this fight earlier than the expected 12-month deployment creates a burden on their teammates. Anyone who leaves this fight early because they made a personal choice that changed their medical status — or contributes to doing that to another — is not in keeping with a key element of our ethos.”

What Cucolo needs is a catchy campaign slogan.

When I worked for Mo Udall in one of his campaigns, I was surprised to see a poster that read “Vote for Mo Udall, War Hero.” I asked him how a man with a glass eye got into World War II, let alone became a war hero. It was a long and hilarious story. However, to cut it short, Udall said that he tricked his way through the physical exam and made it through officer school before anyone noticed. He was then sent to an island where the greatest threat to the troops was venereal disease. Udall quickly drew up a poster that read “BEAT THE AXIS WITH PROPHYLAXIS.” (That was the inspiration of the short-lived title for the Animal House video that read “Beat the Nazis with Voting Proxies,” which attracted such attention of late on another blog). The Navy was so thrilled with the poster, they gave Udall a small medal — allowing him to run as a war hero.

Do you have any suggestions for Cucolo? Something like “BEAT THE INSURGENCY WITH CELIBRACY” . . .

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49 thoughts on “Expecting a Court Martial: General Announces New Policy to Court Martial Pregnant Women in Iraq”

  1. Elaine,

    I just recently got out of the Marine Corps. I knew a lot of female Marines and they all had access to either a shot or enough birth control to last them throughout a deployment. Men can also take as many condoms as they want with them. I can also speak to the difficulty in maintaining readiness when a Marine has to be sent home. You are then a person short but the expectations are no different.

  2. chris–

    I understand that. I also spoke to the point about the importance of soldiers using protection in regard to the transmission of STD’s causing problems for the military. In addition, it will be obvious who is pregnant–not so obvious who the impregnators are. I wonder if all the women soldiers who become pregnant will be willing to fink on their lovers.

  3. They’re not getting in trouble for having sex, but for getting pregnant. So it is about readiness.

    I believe that it is his policy to punish males and females.

  4. Yeah.


    It has noting to do with illogic and a denial about the reality of biology.

    What color is the sky in your world?

    If readiness is the issue? Issue condoms or reversible vasectomies. Problem solved and no one is label criminal because of their gender.

    Making biology criminal as simply stupid. That’s NOT being ready. That’s being STUPID.

    Logic. Get some.

  5. Admiral Bullwhip–

    This seems to put the entire onus of pregnant soldiers on one sex. Both sexes should be called to account for not using protection when they are having sexual relations–and not just because one partner might get pregnant…but because of the transmission of STD’s, which could also pose a great problem for the military.

  6. Elaine M.,

    The simple answer is; no. I know that doesn’t seem fair, but this has nothing to do with fair. It has to do with one’s personal responsibility to maintain readiness.

  7. Admiral Bullwhip–

    What of the male soldiers who impregnate fellow female soldiers because they can’t be bothered to use protection? Are they making sacrifices?

  8. If you aren’t smart enough to deal with basic biology and not treat it as a crime, then you shouldn’t join the military either.

  9. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces are considered to be government property. Their “duty” is to be ready for combat. A pregnant woman is not ready for combat.

    If you’re not prepared to make sacrifices in order to remain combat ready, don’t join the military.

  10. Summary:



    Biology happens, General Confusion.

    If you weren’t such a bunch of half-witted homophobes at the command level this would be less of an issue simply as a matter of fact.

    You know, I always thought Brigadier General Jack Ripper died in “Dr. Strangelove”. But judging by the fine display of “military intelligence” on display here, I see he survived the head wound and got a bump from Brigadier to Major General.

    DOD? You really let people with this level of illogic be in charge of weapons? Yeah. That sounds like a good idea.

  11. WOW, and we wonder why “they hate us”. Gosh, just because we want to destroy their country and remake it in the image of our own insane leaders, that’s nothing to get so upset about.

  12. Elaine,

    That is very important information. It shows the essential hypocrisy towards women and I believe, it is indicative of the christian war on women in today’s army. Many of our army’s top people want to establish the US and other (muslim) countries as a christian nations (specifically, their own type of christian nation). They wish to irradiate other religions and they would like control over women’s bodies. Our civilian “health care” bill is more of the same.

  13. Commander Says He Won’t Court-Martial Pregnant Soldiers, Refuses To Make Plan B More Available
    (Think Progress, 12/23/2009)

    Even though women under Cucolo’s command may not be jailed for becoming pregnant, pregnancies are still strongly discouraged. However, Cucolo said that he has no plans to expand soldiers’ access to emergency contraception (Plan B). “We do not provide any abortive services to our soldiers,” he told reporters yesterday. “There’s nothing like that here.” Military physicians are currently barred from performing abortions on bases overseas, but Plan B has NOTHING to do with having an abortion. Emergency contraception is often hard to find at U.S. military bases around the world, since health facilities are “allowed to stock contraception but aren’t required to.” Sens. Al Franken (D-MN) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) recently introduced legislation that would require them to stock the contraceptives.


  14. An All Gay Unit. Would then a man servant be in Order? Would Pedantry be a benefit of the unit? Nah, that would take us back to the time of the Spartans.

  15. I wonder what the general’s opinion of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is. Maybe he can recruit all the gay soldiers to his unit and reduce the whole problem.

  16. Both guilty parties should have to repay all the money they earned in the military (after they have been kicked out).

    They should get no V.A. benefits. All awards should be revoked. Pensions denied.

    That might make them think twice.

    (Making a toast to Patsy Schroeder). *clink*

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