China Set To Execute Mentally Ill British Man for Drug Smuggling

China is moving forward with the execution of a mentally ill British man for trafficking drugs. The British government has been protesting the treatment of Akmal Shaikh, whose family insists that he was duped into going to China by promises of becoming a singer and star. A Chinese gang used him to smuggle drugs.

The Chinese court would not consider the evidence that Shaikh, 53, is bipolar.

He insisted that he was unaware of the 4kg of heroin found with him in 2007. If executed, he would be the first EU national executed in China in 50 years.

In 2008, China executed 1,718 people and last year 72% of the world’s total executions took place in China — including for non-violent offenses.

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9 thoughts on “China Set To Execute Mentally Ill British Man for Drug Smuggling”

  1. Well said, Buddha is Laughing. I know of a bipolar patient who thought that she was pregnant, believing that she had conceived immaculately. She had gone from clinic to clinic for pregnancy tests. Another called the minister of her church because she believed she was Esther and had prepared a feast to share with him at ~3 a.m. We can’t know what happened here — as you said BIL, BPD “comes in all flavors of smart” and it’s possible that he was very manic and compromised at the time of transport and/or arrest.

    He’s scheduled to be executed tomorrow. And as of the time of this article, he had not been told of his scheduled execution. An execution by firing squad, I believe.

  2. Byron,

    I can answer that question having first hand experience in dealing with bi-polars.

    It doesn’t make them stupid per se, but it can make them delusional. It’s an important distinction but it also highlights how someone could be duped easily when they have this disorder. All a potential abuser need do is play upon one side of their personality or the other. You’d use shame and threats if you wanted to play off their depression and you’d use praise and (false) expectation if you wanted to play off their mania.

    Hmm. Being promised a career as a famous musician sure sounds like the later to me. But stupid may not have even come into play here. People with BPD come in all flavors of smart.

  3. Akmal Shaikh also has dual nationalty – from his original country of Pakistan.

    Why does Pakistan not protest to Chona, as they have friendly relations with them.

  4. dose being bi-polar cuase one to be stupid?

    You dont take a package to another country for anyone unless you know the contents.

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