Into the Air Junior Birdman . . .

Ok, I admit I find this really cool despite the promise of a host of injuries. This guy mounted a camera on his RC plane and filmed as his kids tried to shoot it down with fireworks.

This is why Dads need constant supervision after Christmas toys are opened.

For those budding to play RAF or Ack-Ack gunner, here are the tech models:

Aircraft: Multiplex Easystar
Motor: 200W brushless setup
Control: 72Mhz Futaba
Video Link: 900Mhz 500mW
Camera: KPC-VSN500NH
OSD: Remzibi OSD

Into the Air, Junior Birdmen

Into the air, junior birdmen
Into the air, upside down;
Into the air, junior birdmen
Keep your nose up in the brown;
And when you see all those birdmen
With their shiny wings of tin
Then you will know the junior birdmen
Have sent their boxtops in!

5 thoughts on “Into the Air Junior Birdman . . .”

  1. Things little pretty slow down on the farm. One hopes these guys don’t get anywhere near an Phalanx CIWS weapons system–they couldn’t hit the broad side of their own barn.

  2. That was one neat video. Here is a better accompanying video at Christmas time:

  3. My brother, whose birthday was yesterday, used to sing this. I don’t remember the “nose up in the brown” part, though.

    Don’t forget your goggles.

  4. More appropriate accompaniment music; “Too Much Time On My Hands”, by the inimitable Styx

  5. Only one who is a true drunken sloth would appreciate this humor. Present company excluded.

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