9 thoughts on “Parking Man To The Rescue”

  1. Foo, Actually you’re mostly correct. I knew a woman was going to get out of that car. In general women test worse on visual spacial acuity tests than men. It may be a function of testosterone.

    From what I recall reading it is probably a nature and nurture situation. Spacial acuity can be improved though with training. The use of video games as a training device will improve women’s scores on spacial acuity tests. So if you really love your wife and don’t want her showing up in a video on uTube like the one above you’ll buy her an XBox, a bunch of first-person shooters and cook dinner while she ‘trains’.



    1. Parking man shall inspire me this morning as we set out in driving back to Virginia. At 5 am, the Turleys are bound for the Old Dominion!

  2. I think you’re the kind of foo Mr. T pities… because you’re about to get pummeled by feminists everywhere.

  3. Now if it were parallel parking!?


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