Happy New Year to all of our blogging family. This has been a remarkable year for the blog. We are now solidly in the top ten legal blogs, according to the AVVO rankings and we have over doubled our number of visits from last year. The success is almost entirely due to our regulars who bring insight, humor, and passion to legal and policies issues every day. I cannot thank you enough.

While I am running to finish our traditional Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson Soup for our annual New Year Party, I did not want to lose the opportunity to tell each of you how thankful I am for your contributions and friendship. We have become an extended family that is second to none in the blogging world. There may be bigger blogs but certainly none better.

Best wishes for 2010 everyone.


24 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”

  1. Triplicate that on Elaine!

    Happy Anniversary to JT & Leslie!

    Wishing Everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year!

    This is a favorite song of mine, but a warning: the video’s graphics may pose a risk to those with a hangover or seizure disorder; it’s more enjoyable in the dark anyway!

  2. Ms. EM’

    My poultry refrains aint nigh as fittin’ as yourn–case in point.

    While you are busy with your important work with children, remember to visit here occasionally because you will find this blawg a welcome distraction from those duties.

    There is no requirement for any long-windedness’ of prose n’ poetry, just brief visits for a spell. You are a fine addition to this reificatory space in time.

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