Happy New Year to all of our blogging family. This has been a remarkable year for the blog. We are now solidly in the top ten legal blogs, according to the AVVO rankings and we have over doubled our number of visits from last year. The success is almost entirely due to our regulars who bring insight, humor, and passion to legal and policies issues every day. I cannot thank you enough.

While I am running to finish our traditional Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson Soup for our annual New Year Party, I did not want to lose the opportunity to tell each of you how thankful I am for your contributions and friendship. We have become an extended family that is second to none in the blogging world. There may be bigger blogs but certainly none better.

Best wishes for 2010 everyone.


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  1. Thanks, all! My visits to the Turley Blawg may be a little less frequent for the next month as I have work to do. I’m serving as a judge on a poetry panel for the 2009 Cybils (Children’s and Young Adults Bloggers’ Literary Awards)–and as a member of the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) Poetry Committee, I’m helping to compile a list of Notable Children’s Poetry Books of 2009. I have lots of reading, evaluating, and writing to do in the next few weeks.

    I’m sure FF LEO will be able to fill in the verse void for a while.


    Here’s a poem I wrote some time ago when Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status:


    Pluto, Pluto, once a planet.
    Made of ice…and, maybe granite,
    A distant, tiny, frigid sphere
    Demoted to a “dwarf” last year.

    Pluto, Pluto, once a planet.
    Astronomers said: “We should can it.
    It’s much too small; its orbit’s odd
    It’s named after a nasty god.”

    Pluto, Pluto, once a planet.
    The IAU? It chose to ban it
    From the planetary club.
    That’s a solar systemic snub!!!

    (IAU stands for the International Astronomical Union.)

  2. Amen to what Mespo said and I agree with Prof. Turley that Elaine needs to producing her important verses for the Turley crowd.

  3. Elaine M.,

    I refuse to be called a Fuji until I have been there. I have been here but not there and when I get there I will no longer be here. Are we there yet?

    Merry New Year and for those of you who don’t remember this las year new year. You have only to wait until February 14th for the Chinese New Year. It is the year of the Metal Tiger. I think I took at hit off of a metal tiger once. I am not sure I was ducking. Boy some women get offended on New Years Eve/Night. Whats ok for them is not ok for me. Hmm, me thinks a double standard exists….

  4. Professor Turley–

    Happy New Year! I think I need to make a resolution to spend less time reading, commenting at, and writing verses for the Turley Blawg so I can get other things that should be done…done.


    anon nurse–

    “In a world gone rather mad, this blog is a refuge.”

    And we are a hodge-podge of refugees who have found a place to hang out and share our thoughts.

    1. Elaine:

      Don’t you dare think of spending time away from our virtual community. That is what food delivery and dry cleaning services are for. Your fans refuse to accept any reduction in poems and witty critiques. The withdrawal would be truly horrible to behold.

  5. “The success is almost entirely due to our regulars who bring insight, humor, and passion to legal and policies issues every day. I cannot thank you enough”



    With all due respect, that’s like thanking Norm and Cliff for “Cheers.” Sam deserved the credit for that atmosphere as you do for our little cyber-bar. That is why we keep stopping by even as the neon from every other legal blog beckons from all corners of the blog-sphere. While commenters are necessary, they are always around. It is the topic and the forum which serve as the vital qualities. For that we have you to thank, but judging by the crude dialog at other competing blawgs, I do agree with you that the thoroughbreds really do run here.

    That said, I throughly enjoy the level of discourse and the sterling character of the regulars who post here. It is edifying just to sit back and read the passionate and reasoned approaches to the issues raised here. I have learned so much it is impossible to thank every one for every thing.

    We not be a true Algonquin Round Table, but we’ ll do until another one comes along.

    God Bless us — every one!

  6. Prof Turley,

    We are all amazed that you have the time to keep your blawg current and dynamic. However, I doubt that anyone would fault you for taking a respite for day or two each year…

  7. Happy new year to you all. I don’t comment very often, but I read every entry and am constantly amazed at the wit and erudition on display here. Many thanks!

  8. Happy New Year to every one on this blog and Professor Turley and his family. This truly is one of the more fun blogs I have found. Looking forward to more poetry.

  9. The Wasabi Blood Marys sound great. I could go for one right now, with a side of Wasabi Fried Onions (recipes via link below). Checked out the soup (The Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson) recipe online and would like Professor Turley to “beam me” a bowl, if possible.

    Thanks for the news, education, insights, etc. that this blog provides. And, Happy New Year to all.


  10. The law in any nation has owners and to the extent it works at all it only does so for its owners. The citizens of Iraq have no share of ownership of the US law but the management of Blackwater do, so it is no surprise that these murderers got off.

    If Iraq can not drag them into its own courts the only hope of justice is for insurgents in Iraq to kidnap and execute an equal or greater number of US civilian employees of the occupation. Sure these may not be the actual people who killed the 17 Iraquis, but the actions of the Blackwater murderers were actions of America and it is normal human nature for the Iraquis to hold all US citizens responsible for the crimes of any one of them, just as the USA held Iraqi Arabs responsible for the 9/11 airlinerings and invaded Iraq for revenge.

    Happy new year all. No doubt it will exceed 2009 in dreadfulness. If you want to survive it learn to enjoy watching grotesque cases of injustice and cruelty by the powerful against the powerless. armour yourselves with cynicism and misanthropy and enjoy 2010.

  11. Happy hogmanay to you too sir.
    I take it you’ll be covering the latest Blackwater verdict. The resentment that decision will cause in Iraq will create opportunities for the zealots and cost us all more lives.One law for US citizens and one law for others.
    Blackwater’s death toll continues to increase even after it lost its contracts.

  12. Black-Eyed Peas and Cabbage is all we had left to eat after the war ateen the states. Damn that man named Sherman. Damn that President called Davis. If Johnson had not been a thorn in his side, would the South had had only Black-Eyed Peas and Cabbage to eat after Atlanta was burned.

    Happy New Years to all.

  13. Enjoy your soup and your celebration! Thanks for the opportunity to discuss important issues on your site. Have a great New Years. I am sorry that NU didn’t win that bowl game in OT, but have a great time with Kit Carson’s wife…her soup that is!

  14. Happy New Year, Turley Clan.

    May the new year bring you all peace, justice and most importantly love and happiness.

    As to the thanks, you are most welcome and a hearty thanks to you for the forum. One lives to be of service.

    I just have one question.

    The soup. Is it made with real Wife of Kit Carson?

    I certainly hope not.

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