6 thoughts on “Ultimate Human Wave”

  1. Wow – based on the little lifeguard training I’ve received, that looks totally “un-guardable.” I hope everyone is using some serious “buddy system” action in there, because if you go under, they won’t find you for hours…

  2. Yes and if they had that dye in the water it might really be Purple. And then it would become a maze in how quick you could get out….. One of the many reasons to stay away from Public Simmering pools..

  3. AY: “… wasn’t its merely a haze?”

    LOL, yes.

    What was memorable though was the rain while we waited 36 hours for the ticket office doors to open, the near riot/crush when the doors opened and the owl, named ‘Sparkle’, that the fellow next to us while waiting in line had with him. Good times 🙂

  4. lottakatz,

    If you were waiting for Stone tickets wasn’t its merely a haze?

  5. It looks like the folks at the back get very little wave action; too many people dissipating all of that kinetic energy. Being up front looks like fun. I do remember something like that happening to me in a thousands deep line for Stones tickets in the 70’s though. That wasn’t fun but, there was no water either.

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