12 thoughts on “Mad Dog Versus Zen Cat: The Classic Battle Captured on Video

  1. The cat was being a bit of a spoilsport.
    The dog wanted to play and the cat was having none of it.

    Invitation to play: The dog happily signals his desire to play by wagging his tail and dipping down into a “play bow.” His front legs are in a crouch and his backbone swoops up, leaving his rear haunches high. His head is held up expectantly to capture your attention. He may raise a front leg or lean to one side with his head.

    Poor dog…he ran in to Zen Cat.

  2. __________________________________

    “This just may be the coolest cat I have ever seen.”

    …or the wimpiest dog ever.

  3. I see the training worked.

    If you look closely next time you see that cat, he’ll have little dragon shaped scars on his forelegs where he had to move the burning brazier to leave the Temple.

    He is now the master of cat-fu.

  4. We all could use a bit of that cat’s sang froid these days, especially with all the political noise coming at us. (Hope I spelled that correctly.)

  5. That dog wanted to play. That posture front down rear up is the doggy body language for let’s play.

    Obviously the dog has some cat friends and his mystified why this dog that says MEOW will not play with it.

    Our dog Rexx is close to our cat Hu Zi. When I walk Rexx she trys to interact with cats that we pass on the way and is mystified that they respond in the wrong way.

  6. CM:

    good post, it is a rare cat that speaks dog. Since dogs rule it is only appropriate that cats should learn dog.

  7. I had a cat & dog who played together. The cat would jump on the dog’s back, dig in, and play rid’em Cowboy while the dog howled and ran around the house. Game over when kitty fell off.

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