Scientific Breakthrough: Engineers Develop Automatic Ball Toss For Dog Owners

Ever wonder why no one has solved the problem of having to raise your arm repeatedly on the couch in order to throw a ball to your dog? Well, finally scientists have tackled the problem.

Now if only we can match the robotic dog with the automatic ball thrower for the ultimate pet for couch potatoes.

27 thoughts on “Scientific Breakthrough: Engineers Develop Automatic Ball Toss For Dog Owners”

  1. I was impressed with this machine until I spotted a major design flaw. Not once did the machine fire the slingshot and hold the ball only to laugh at the dog for chasing nothing. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next generation.

  2. Now, if them engineers could just figger out how to construct a similar automatic combination kiddie diaper changer and pet pooper scooper, we men would be in 7th Heaven during the entire Sunday football season..

  3. My wife and I spent a week one night having a dozen ten year old girls sleep over for one of my daughter’s birthdays. My memories are anything but fond, especially for the mother who didn’t arrive for the 11:00am pickup time and finally came for her girl at 4:00pm, offering not a modicum of excuse. All I wanted to do that afternoon was nap and that damned woman prevented it. Good luck JT and I see you two were smart enough to limit the damage by limiting the size.

  4. Nah, George was not that smart. I would belie that only when mommy told him too, though.

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