Blago: I’m Blacker Than Barack Obama

First Harry Reid says that President Obama is a “light-skinned negro” (here) and now former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has announced that he’s “blacker than Barack Obama.”

Here is the case Blago made for his entry in the NAACP Hall of Fame:

“What the f***? Everything he’s saying’s on the teleprompter. I’m blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little laundromat in a black community not far from where we lived. I saw it all growing up,”

Just a “five-room apartment”? My God, he was a virtually a street urchin.

Does Blago’s boast seem strangely familiar?

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54 thoughts on “Blago: I’m Blacker Than Barack Obama”

  1. Pinandpuller:

    Hamlet was wrong, there are things that are bad in themselves.

    (Buddha would say Dick Chenney at this point).

    Neither sex nor guns are evil

  2. Byron, AY et al,

    I think my basic point was that a lot of people think that sex and guns are inherently evil. This is not the case.

    It just seems like those who think education is the answer to sex and abortion aren’t consistent with guns.

    IE I don’t want you to have sex but if you do…

    I don’t want you around guns.< period

    "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so…" Hamlet

  3. Hey Bryon,

    They will not leave.

    Open to everyone,

    If Dick Cheney can own a gun everyone else should to as a matter of self protection. But then ask that real estate attorney in Austin, Texas what he really thinks.

  4. Swarthmore mom:

    you should read some of the stuff that comes out of the Texas Independence Movement. They may leave before you do.

  5. Swarthmore mom:

    I should have qualified my statement. But who determines what mental illness is? And weren’t most of the children that were involved in shootings taking one type of psychoactive drug or another?

    How far do you go in determining who is and who is not fit to own and use a firearm? What about people with physical disabilities? Those prevent the proper use of a firearm.

    Obviously people with severe mental illness should not posses a firearm but who makes that determination and who says which mental illnesses present a danger to others? Is it a government committee, a group of citizens, doctors, lawyers, the local constable/sheriff?

    Some people will just kill themselves and not others. And that brings up another point, suicide is illegal. Why is it if I have a right to life that includes a right to die a death of my own choosing and at my own choice of time.

    And how do you know who is going to become mentally ill at some time after the purchase of a firearm? Doesn’t that beg the question of strict regulation? We need regulate firearms because we don’t know who is going to become psychotic.

    Well anyway just some thoughts.

    But had the students of Virginia Tech been allowed to carry on campus Cho would not have gotten very far. Doesn’t an armed citizenry present a natural deterrent? If Cho knew that everyone was packing would he have chosen his course so readily? Not all people with mental illness are delusional.

  6. Swarthmore mom,

    They already do. And if someone with a mental illness really wanted a gun. Do you think that the laws in Texas would prevent this? As you can go to a swap meet, purchase the caliber of your choice and not even give them your name, if you pay in cash?

  7. Byron You said ” I don’t think firearms should be regulated either”. With no regulation people with a history of mental illness would be able to buy assault weapons.

  8. pinandpuller:

    abortion and gun control are different issues. As much as I agree with you on abortion (I think you are killing a human life), I don’t think the state has the right to legislate morality.

    It is a big conflict with me, individual rights vs. the rights of a potential being. How do you sacrifice the one to the other? Do you sacrifice potential human life to actual human life or the other way around? It seems to me you must come down on the side of actualized human life vs. potential human life.

    I think that there would be fewer abortions if people would become educated, but it should not be compulsory.

    And actually I don’t think firearms should be regulated either, there is a clear right to own firearms.

    Hopefully I am consistent in my view of individual rights.

  9. “Don’t forget they started a war for profit and committed treason.

    Both parties need to go, but the GOP needs to go first.”-Budhha is Laughing

    I would refer you to the elections of 2006 and 2008.

  10. “Repubicans are almost uniformly anti-choice and anti-gay. That is a big difference to many of us. Many republicans also support school prayer, the proliferation of guns…”-Swarthmore mom

    I’ve always wondered about people who are pro-education and pro-choice when it comes to sex and abortion but pro-abstinence when it comes to guns.

    What if I asked you why there couldn’t be a waiting period for abortions? Why does a woman needs X amount of abortions in X amount of time? Why a woman shouldn’t take a 9 hour class and get licensed before she’s allowed to have an abortion?

    Just to tie this post back to “Blacks” before I’m troll-filed may I point out that many gun restrictions were put in place after the Civil War to keep guns out of the hands of Black people in states like Georgia and Missouri.

    Also allow me to point out that Blacks make up a disproportionate amount of abortions considering their population.

    BTW-Obama is against gay marraige too but that’s probably his White Republican half.

  11. Don’t forget they started a war for profit and committed treason.

    Both parties need to go, but the GOP needs to go first.

  12. Repubicans are almost uniformly anti-choice and anti-gay. That is a big difference to many of us. Many republicans also support school prayer, the proliferation of guns and the teacing of creationism in public schools. Don’t forget they are anti healthcare reform.

  13. Swarthmore Mom:

    “but what do republicans have to offer?”

    about the same as the democrats, just a little less intense. Republicans are democrat lite, as bad but a little less taxing.

    So there really is not much difference anymore, at least not enough to make me vote for one. And hopefully jackasses like Tom Delay will not be running.

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