Mother Waves Knife At Men Peering Through Window at Her Home . . . And Receives Warning From Police

The TV presenter and former model Myleene Klass is justified to be a bit confused. When she was confronted by teenagers staring at her and banging on her window, she grabbed a knife and waved it at the intruders. Rather than complimenting Klass on thinking fast, the police issued her a formal warning not to do that again.

Police told Klass that the knife is an “offensive weapon” that should not be used again or she will face a possible charge. She is expected to wait patiently for police to arrive or wave a non-offensive item like a stuffed toy or zucchini. One thing is clear is that she cannot use a clicker, here, or scissors, here.

The Hertfordshire police insisted that these are simply “words of advice were given in relation to ensuring suspicious behaviour is reported immediately”.

I am not sure what is happening to our English cousins recently, here and here and here , here and here.

Klass is a television presenter. Her husband was away on business at the time of the incident.

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14 thoughts on “Mother Waves Knife At Men Peering Through Window at Her Home . . . And Receives Warning From Police”

  1. I wonder if she would have received the same warning had she been wielding a heavy candlestick? Unsure about GB, but I know that here in Canada ( ‘m starting to sound like bandcamp girl ), any crime committed using a knife as a weapon carried a much heavier sentence. This is possibly because it is the most frequently used ” dangerous weapon ” in this country ( we really do have a whole lot less access to guns ). that being said, the fact is that this woman was defending herself from a possible home invasion, as well as God only knows what else. Stupid stupid stupid!!!
    A trip to Europe still remains on my bucket list however, I may just need to leave all kitchen knives behind I was never terribly keen on travelliing through England, but would still love to see the green of Ireland and hills of Scotland, windmills of Holland, the fashion of Paris, and sample everything that Italy has to offer. A girl can dream….can’t she?

  2. As a reformed peeping Tom, all I can say is, If I don’t see you thru the week, I’ll see you thru the window. Hardy har har !!!!!

  3. lol, mav, are you trying to get me arrested?

    I can manage on my own, really. 😀

  4. What part of “banging on the window” did you Keystone Cops miss?

    Does the phrase “immediate apprehension of harm” ring a bell?

    Is telling the officer he can stick his warning sideways exactly where you’d think I’d advise such a procedure a crime in Britain?

    I’m sure I’d have found out.

    The instant someone says one cannot defend themselves they might as well put shackles on you. Self-defense is an inalienable right that goes with being a living organism with a survival instinct. The cops in this case are simply morons. You might as well have warned the woman not to breathe as the trespassing peeping toms might hear her.

    Seriously. Idiots.

    I’ve been thinking about taking a special someone to Europe at some point. If it’s any consolation, England is already off the list. I’m giving those tourism dollars to Holland and Italy.

    Did you catch that Ministry of Tourism? Say good bye to the pounds! There they go . . . flittering away from your ridiculous surveillance and nanny state stupidity like little butterflies! Good bye tourism revenue! Good bye!

  5. I guess we are supposed to get permission to do everything now — including defending ourselves. The weaker the population, the better. Follow rules and, whatever you do, do not question authority. Adhere to it, it just makes things easier for the corporations and their politician pawns.

  6. From the article: “Hertfordshire police warned her she should not have used a knife to scare off the youths because carrying an ‘offensive weapon’, even in her own home, was illegal.”

    Shouldn’t the knife have been considered a “defensive” weapon?

  7. England no longer “swings like a pendulum do.” THe police, models of probity in so many mystery series seem to have taken the wrong drug.

  8. stuffed toy or zucchini. possibilities. Coins in the toy and since the zucchini is 99% water freeze the thing. They both hurt badly.

    WTF is all I can say.

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