Most of Port-au-Prince Reportedly Destroyed; PM Says Over a Hundred of Thousand May Be Dead

The news continues to grow worse out of Haiti, where U.S. observers are now saying that most of Port-au-Prince has been destroyed in the devastating quake.

CNN is reporting that the U.S. State Department expects “serious loss of life.” The only good news is that the airport appears functioning, which should speed recovery supplies and personnel in reaching the nation.

The Prime Minister has just announced that hundreds of thousands could be dead, here.

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39 thoughts on “Most of Port-au-Prince Reportedly Destroyed; PM Says Over a Hundred of Thousand May Be Dead”

  1. Not defending Pat Robertson but it is odd the difference between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

    Speak French on one side of the island and spanish on the other.
    Food to grow and eat on one side and no trees on the other.

  2. Bdaman, I actually agree with you on something! Your suggestion for using unemployed construction workers for rebuilding efforts in Haiti is indeed a good one. As for Pat Robertson, rebutting his inanities is not worth the effort. If there is a God in heaven, there ought to be a special place reserved there for the people of Haiti, who have been visited with more continuous misery than anyone ought to have to bear.

  3. Harry Reid is not that great but he is probably the best Nevada has to offer. Look at the rest of them bdaman. Harry Reid is not Pat Robertson.

  4. Buddah, don’t mean to pick but this was a Harry reid moment. It goes without saying.

    Who cares if they are black and poor.

  5. Thanks Buddha for proving what a shill Robertson has become. Unable to rationalize how an omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient god can permit such a catastrophe to occur, he resorts to the very bottom of the sophist’s trick bag. By blaming the victim for their misery, he vainly tries to exonerate the irrationality of the religion he clings to. It’s disgraceful and an offense against every Haitian. One wonders how the infants crushed in their incubators at the hospitals or the children flattened at their school desks made any such “pact [with] the devil.” Or does mere geographic proximity to one who has made such a pact insure divine retribution.

    I anxiously await Tooti’s and the other religionsts’ explanation for the “divine judgment” against a population that has enjoyed neither wealth nor hubris, but only misery and despair unbearably compounded by this natural disaster. I wish a Hell existed for the Robertson’s of this world, and his wretched automatons he calls his “flock” — an apt description, indeed.

    God may bless Haiti, but the food, water, and medicine they desperately need will be marked “U.S.A.”

  6. Bdaman:

    that is a very good idea. I think FEMA also has a group of engineers that go to disaster areas in the US and assess the damage. I used to know one that went to California and Florida after Andrew.

    But your idea of putting unemployed construction workers rebuilding Haiti is a good one. They may as well do something productive as sit on the sofa or doing honey do chores.

    Good opportunity for design engineers as well.

    Hopefully the world will be generous and it wont all fall on the US to pick up the pieces. I think it time for China and India to start helping out as well.

  7. How many times has Pat Robertson hauled out his punishing god to make people who feel bad feel worse?

  8. Here’s another interesting idea. Most of the unemployed come from the construction industry. Most of them are receiving an unemployment check. The United States no doubt will pour millions of dollars in resources to help the victims. Why not solicit the unemployed skilled workers to go to Haiti and help with the efforts. They could pay these workers their regular unemployment plus what ever extra they are worth. Although this is a disaster it should be looked upon as an opportunity to do good for man kind and a chance to put people back to work. There are plenty of heavy equipment operators around the country who would love a chance to earn money. If they are in jeopardy of loosing their homes, maybe the government will give these people a reprieve for their efforts and take a deduction from their paychecks to help pay the mortgage. I know this would not be for 100k workers but I’m sure any would help.

  9. Times are tough, but I do urge everyone to do what they can to help. Even if it’s just a dollar. FIve. Ten. If you can, 10,000. These are people. Plain and simple. Moms and dads and kids and grandparents and cousins. Who cares if they are black and poor. First, they are people who love and are beloved of others.

    They are suffering badly through no fault of their own and they need our help.

    Do what you can to help the people of Haiti. Please. I ask you with words plain and humble on their behalf. Please help.

    For no other reason than it’s the right thing to do.

  10. File Under Christians Who Flat Don’t Get It:

    I have an urge to slap the crap out of Pat Robertson right now but I’d probably have to get in line behind Jesus. Not a beat down mind you. That’s neither The Prince of Peace’s style nor mine. But just an old fashioned slap. You know the one. A “What are you? A moron?” with emphasis. A Bogart to his Cook, Jr. Way to go Pat, cheap gunsel for Mammon you!



    Since I know you consider me a heathen I won’t be saving you a seat in Hell, Pat. You’ll have one somewhere though. I’ll be in the Mojito section making fun of you with Elaine and Hemmingway. Steer clear, freak. Poppa has a much shorter fuse for unmanliness than I. And Elaine will just whip out some caustic poetry that’s likely to leave a mark too, buddy.

  11. It won’t come as a surprise, but morons are quickly stepping up to rub some stupid in the fresh wounds of the Haitians (oh, and insulting the nation, for good measure!). Yep, the Reverend Pat Robertson was quick to load on the dumb. In his mentally ill world view, the Haitians “made a pact with the devil” to gain their independence from France, and this is divine retribution for that pact:

    Maybe Brit Hume could offer the people of Haiti some of his sage wisdom, too. (Would these a**holes speak to/about “white” people this way? Particularly in the midst of personal tragedy…)

  12. I saw one report that said,500.000 people may have died.if the reports are true,for the most part the people there don’t have basic services there that we take for granted here.

    Emergencey responders,fire ,emts etc.

    Maybe something like this will make people understand what is”REALLY”important in life.

    God,help the country and the people of Hati.

  13. Has anyone thought that some of the “Earth Quakes” are caused by the dissipation of the elements that hold together its structure? Like taking naturally occurring resources like natural gas and not replenishing the same?

    I am not saying that all earth quakes are not naturally occurring but, just think about the possibility.

  14. Not at all what the people of Haiti needed.

    I’ve been monitoring the volcanoe on Montserrat called the Soufriere Hills Volcanoe. It has been spewing ash and soot for sometime now and the activity has increased over the last week with most of the activity in the last few days. Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines has also been active for several months now.

    I have also been following sunspot and the magnetic activity of the sun. There is a correlation between the suns activity, earthquakes and volcanoes. The sunspot activity has been at a minimum for the last year with the solar geomagnetic activity reaching 1 on the measured scale last week. The geomagnetic activity is also at an all time low.

    The Earth’s iron core does not rotate around the same axes as the Earth itself, hence dislocation of magnetic poles. Jupiter-Saturn gravitational forces pull the Sun around its barycentre. The same forces will pull the Earth’s mass centre away from its orbital trajectory, the eccentricity of the Earth’s iron core to the rest of its bodily mass causing drift of its magnetic poles.

    It follows that a certain major planets configuration will cause disturbances within the Earth’s interior which may initiate major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is important to state the sunspot periods are affected by a configuration of major planet’s magnetospheres, which follow similar but not exactly same timing as their astronomical configuration. Therefore, earthquakes and volcanoes appear to be linked to sunspot periods because they are initiated by the same cause.

    I would hate to live in California right now.

  15. The utter misery of the Haitian people continues. It saddens me because I have in the past had many Haitian friends and employees and for the most part they were a wonderful culture. Years of US meddling and years of UN neglect have turned a potential paradise into hell. WE must give them all the help we can. Thank you Stephen Pitt for your link.

  16. AY,

    No. This is much worse than N.O. New Orleans had a modicum of modern infrastructure to begin with that survived somewhat intact. Haiti? Not so much. Getting relief on the ground (should) be the easy part. Rebuilding may be a totally from scratch effort though.

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