Tots for Toys: Mother Allegedly Trades Child for Gun

In Arizona, police say that they arrested Tanya Nareau, 33, after she allegedly traded her 2-year-old daughter for a gun.

Police say that Nareau felt that a friend would be a better parent and apparently saw this as a good trade. When I saw this on Reddit, I was struck at how wrong it was. As the father of four kids below nine, I can say that she is sadly mistaken. Kids are far more lethal than guns.

She is charged with unlawful sale of a child and solicitation to possess a weapon by a prohibited person. It is really disconcerting to know that this happens enough that there is a specific criminal provision to cover it. Here is the the provision:

A. Except for adoptions pursuant to title 8, chapter 1 and guardianships pursuant to title 14, chapter 5, a person shall not sell or offer to sell a child for money or other valuable consideration and shall not purchase or offer to purchase a child in exchange for money or other valuable consideration.
B. A person who violates this section is guilty of a class 5 felony.

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8 thoughts on “Tots for Toys: Mother Allegedly Trades Child for Gun”

  1. The Prof has a point. Kid’s are inherently dangerous.

    Why is it that schools are starting to look more like prisons?

    Kid Safe’s.

    What’s good for the gun is good for the groundling. Especially if you keep them loaded.

    (applied with just enough sarcasm to let you know I’m joking about the use of the word “good”)

  2. I might give up my first born for a Springfield A3 03 in its original cosmoline…


  3. 30%er,

    He was such a pistol that Joe gave him a life membership in the AZ NRA.

  4. Sadly, she was doing the best thing for her child. This is another Right to Life moment.

  5. A Muther got to do what a Mothers got to do. Well at least CPS will be involved now.

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