Elephants May Again Roam Vermont

Soon elephant may walk the state of Vermont if Rep. Dick Lawrence has his way. He is seeking to lift the ban on elephants in the state. While some countries and states have considered banning circus elephants over allegations of animal cruelty, Vermont banned all elephants in fear that they would bring tuberculosis to the state.

When I read this story on CNN’s state roundup, I was perplexed by the pachyderm peril of TB. It turns out that TB in elephants has been a problem, as shown by a recent outbreak. The CDC has an interesting site on the dangers of TB from elephants, here.

None of this explains the extreme decision to proclaim Vermont to be elephant-free. There has not been a more aggressive response to pachyderm peril since the lynching of Mary the Elephant by the good people of Tennessee.

Lawrence is taking a risk at being accused of being soft on the pachyderm peril. This could lead to a Willie Horton commercial by his opponents featuring Mary or some other rampaging elephant. It is too horrible to think of Vermonters gripping their Ben and Jerry’s while running from rogue TB-infested elephants. Is that what you want Mr. Lawrence?

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  1. Buddha,

    Leave it up to you. I bet you drive a Big SUV with bad exhausts pipes.

    Your presence or presents unsure which has been missed on the Pat Robertson thread. Where have you been, settling Asian Peace?

  2. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ulyOQXjCso&hl=en_US&fs=1&]

    You must admit, a wild pachyderm heard charging skiers would spice up this classic.

  3. A major reason for keeping elephants in circuses is that circuses are brutal in their training. Just last month a 9-year lawsuit against Feld Entertainment (owner of Ringling Bros.) in federal district court concluded in Washington, DC. The judge dismissed the case on the basis of standing, but it’s well worth learning more about it. I sat through hours of testimony by FE owner Kenneth Feld and his employees, who admitted they abuse elephants to train them. Think about it — how do you get one of the largest animals on earth to respond instantly on command? You beat them and break their spirit is how.

    You can learn more about the trial at http://www.bornfreeusa.org/a1a6_ringling.php

  4. Vermont is a big cheese state;

    mice like cheese;

    Elephants don’t like mice;

    Elephants in Vermont, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

  5. Because elephants and other anomals should be able to remain in their natural habitats rather than in zoo’s and such for the amusement of we humans!

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