Michigan Couple Arrested After Dragging to Death Kmart Guard

In Michigan, police have arrested a couple, James Dean Woodworth (39) and Samantha Lorraine Lomasney (20), after they allegedly dragged to death Greg Wainio, a “loss prevention officer” at Kmart.

The couple is now charged with felony murder after allegedly trying to steal $400 of goods and then killing Wainio in their escape. Wainio apparently struggled with Woodworth when the latter tried to get into a GMC Jimmy. Lomasney then took off with Wainio either holding on or caught on the car. He was dragged hundreds of feet and then fell off the vehicle. They left him on the pavement.

To make a horrible story even worse, Wainio has two twin 8-year-old boys, including one with terminal illness. The boy has Menkes disease, which is a genetic disorder where the body cannot metabolize copper.

In addition to felony murder, they are charged with unarmed robbery. Lomasney also faces a charge of operating a motor vehicle without a license causing death.

A fund is being organized by the Dort Federal Credit Union, but I have not been able to find a link.

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7 thoughts on “Michigan Couple Arrested After Dragging to Death Kmart Guard”

  1. I work at a K-mart, and at the one I work at, they are very concerned about our safety, they do not encourage risky behavior that could end with an injury or worse death. And I know that in addition to asking for donations at every checkout counter for a memorial for Greg, we employees are personalty holding events to raise money or just donating money our selves for him. This is a senseless death. And i hope the couple gets the fullest extent of the law. But I Love the company I work for, I am very proud to say I work at K-mart, because we are like a family. And when something happens to one of us, we all pull together and try and help out. He should not have died. But he will always be remembered. If you wanna make 100% donations to him, go to any K-mart, If you do not want to buy anything find. but go to a check out and say, “I would like to Make a donation for Greg Wainio”

  2. I’ll bet that this poor guy wasn’t even employed by K-Mart, but rather by a security contractor – but either way, he was probably being paid squat.

    Whomever was responsible for his training and supervision, if they told or encouraged him to put himself in harms way (shooting, stabbing, getting run down/dragged in the parking lot) to prevent the “loss” of anything on the shelves of a K-Mart, then his family should take those bastards for everything thet’re worth.

  3. Prof. Turley—even though I found no direct link either. I read an article that said the fund is through ANY Dort Federal Credit Union. Their number and toll free number is:

    Toll Free: 800-521-3796

    Call these numbers for information.

  4. “…two twin 8-year-old boys…” Ah, that’s redundant. By definition one can not have “three” twins.

    The phrase “two twins” is a usage I’m seeing too often these days.

    Grammar aside, what a horrible way to go. And more than likely K-Mart was paying Mr. Wainio near minimum wage. K-Mart management, if they have a shred of humanity or shame should foot the entire bill for Mr. Wainio’s son’s medical expenses. But we all know they will not. More than likely in K-Mart management eyes Mr. Wainio committed a fireable offense for getting murdered on the clock!

    A story like this also illustrates why this country desperately needs health care insurance reform.

  5. This is unfortunate. But why did he go after them in the parking lot? Why not call police?

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