Diamonds Are a Neptunian’s Best Friend

This Valentine’s Day why promise your loved one a diamond when you can promise her an ocean of diamonds. Scientists now believe that Neptune and Uranus may have diamond icebergs floating on seas of liquid diamond.

While the pressure and temps will kill you, these planets are still more enticing than Corot-7b.

Scientists on Earth have been experimenting with melting diamonds. The problem is that when diamond is heated to extreme temperatures it physically changes back into graphite (here). However, one group was able to do an a preliminary experiment that showed when subjected to sufficient pressure and the right conditions, diamond can melt and the remaining chunks actually float.

This is not something that you want to try at home. It requires hitting the diamond with a laser at pressures that is 40 million times greater than the Earth’s atmosphere at sea level, and then slowly reducing both the temperature and pressure. Diamond then acts like water.

The Beatles can be forgiven for the slight inaccuracy:

What is clear is that impressing Neputunian women is a tall order for any spouse or boyfriend:

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6 thoughts on “Diamonds Are a Neptunian’s Best Friend”

  1. Of course, the value of diamonds would plummet if a big supply was found (and easy to harvest). That is how supply and demand works.

    Unless some other valuable purpose could be found for diamonds (like running our cars on it).

    Still, the vision of a sea of diamonds is as fabulous as all those fluffy pink dresses.

    The Bible talks about building a city (the New Jerusalem) out of gemstones. Imagine building New York City out of them?

    Planets full of gemstones would be quite handy. Such a discovery would line up neatly with scripture which is always ahead of science.

    Beginning at verse 10

  2. Puzzling:

    Probably to keep Neptunian diamonds from flooding the market and causing a harsh bottom. You know how capitalists are.

  3. One can dream. Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds…

    Whats a real girl going to do?????

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