Moko Madness: Teenage Dolphin Steals Surf Boards and Leaves Swimmers Stranded

Even though dolphin are now considered the second most intelligent species on Earth, dolphin teenagers like their human counterparts are often . . . well . . . bums. Take Moko. New Zealand police are dealing with repeated cases of Moko stealing surfboards, beach balls, overturning kayaks, and tipping over water skiers. It does little to cry “Get a Pod” or “Grow up.” Mojo is an incorrigible beach bum.

Police got involved after a report that one canoeist was so irritated when the 550-pound Moko blocked access to the shore that she hit Moko with a paddle and possibly cut him. He then disappeared. Police found him 60 miles away unharmed.

Under New Zealand law, you can received a fine of up to $22,000 for harassing a sea mammal like Moko.

Moko was last seen “mugging” people again and the police ask swimmers and boarders to just get out of the water if they do not want to deal with the juvenile delinquent mammal.

For the full story, click here.

5 thoughts on “Moko Madness: Teenage Dolphin Steals Surf Boards and Leaves Swimmers Stranded”

  1. Moko is not that bad. I have swum with him quite few times, I suppose 9 hours in the water, some of it just him & me. It’s just that he is big – a lot bigger than me but he does settle down if you ‘talk’ to him.
    Jonathan email me & I’ll send you his story and some photos.

  2. Sounds funny, incorrigible, good word. Heard it before, here on this site within the last 4 days. EmpireCookie writing this thread?

    I don;t think I want to mess with Moko in the water if that is the name he is going by this week.

    Who is to say that they are the second most intelligent life form. I will raise you one George and a Dick to show you they may be more intelligent.

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