Morality Police in Indonesia Arrest Female Student For Relations With Her Boyfriend . . . And Then Repeatedly Rape Woman

We have yet another example of abuse by Sharia authorities. In Indonesia, three members of the Sharia police arrested a 20-year-old student who was accused of immoral relations with her boyfriend. They allegedly took the woman to the police station and took turns raping her until she was hospitalized with internal bleeding.

Police have arrested two of the three officers, who they say carried out the crime on Friday (considered the “day of goodness” for Muslims).

The men had been hired by the chief of Langsa Shariah Police to impose Sharia law and police the streets for signs of immorality. The province opened its first Sharia court in 2003.

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53 thoughts on “Morality Police in Indonesia Arrest Female Student For Relations With Her Boyfriend . . . And Then Repeatedly Rape Woman”

  1. “Morality police” are nothing but scammers. They will find something to say to you in order to defraud you of money for breaking some law. They exist in every country and thankfully are not authorised by most of them but in the corrupt ones, they are part of the regime and are used to scam people of their cash. The governments of countries like Nigeria (the home of scammers), Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan and others are either too corrupt or too weak to end this scam. When in any of these countries, make sure to avoid these “police” if you see them and if you can as they will fire “something” at you. Remember, they are NOT guardians of religion or morality – they are scammers who want your money !!

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  5. I have no use for any one of the supposedly three great monotheistic traditions. To my way of thinking monotheism is humanity’s worst invention ever.

    However, every time I read a news report about sharia law and crimes committed, usually against women, in the name of morality, Islam takes the lead in which of the three great monotheistic religions is the sickest.

  6. Mavverrick:

    Sharia is a political hegemony promoted by Islam. There is not such political hegemony taught in the New Testament, nor in Christianities mainstream religious creeds.

    Jesus wasn’t a military leader who captured cities and enforced religious laws at the point of the sword: Mohammad was.

    Christians are working through the same system the Founders created for them. They are not overthrowing systems as Muslim are, but maintaining the a cultural traditions AS the founders practiced themselves.

    For a government (any government) to intentionally destroy (whole or in part) a culture is by definition, according to international law, genocide. To intentionally destroy the ancient tradition of marriage seeing that it is the tradition of our culture and the very foundation of all civilization is a hostile act.

    It is ludicrous to assume that dabbling in homosexual marriage is without risk. And the only nations in decline (western nations on the verge of collapse, like the Netherlands, Canada, the USA, Britain, etc) are throwing the doors open to this ridiculous proposal.

    As I recall, all the founders were married to people of the opposite sex and all our laws applying to marriage were hitherto were based on that framework.

    Christians are not promoting anything different than had already existed. They are upholding what already was a custom reflecting the best heritage from western civilization.

    I support a state by state approach, not a Constitutional amendment.

    Who was rounding up homosexuals and arresting them in China during the communist “cultural revolution”?

    Christians? Religious people?

    What you don’t really like is that religious people have the right to lobby for laws that you don’t like. The GOP doesn’t have one official policy the advocates subverting the Constitution for the Bible.

    You haven’t proven anything. If Americans don’t want to change the ancient definition of marriage, they have that right. And by my reckoning, its very sensible.

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    Im just a gay midwestern funeral director who happens to have a very liberal tilt,,I have admired the Prof since the first time I heard him on KO. If I offended you by what I wrote I apologize to you, but I will not to those who waste my time with drivel.

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  10. Ay all joking aside. As I pointed out and you confirmed, you were under the influence last night. I can tell you are and I’m willing to stretch here inebriated today. Yes?

    Are you O.K. I’m serious, this is not like you at all.

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