Beating the Rap: Murderer Sings His Way Out of Death Sentence

Cordaro Hardin, 21, has brought new meaning to the expressions of trying to “beat the rap.” Before being sentenced for murder, Hardin decided to try to rap himself to a lighter sentence with a song entitled “Where Do I Go From Here?” The court supplied the answer and sentenced him to two life sentences in prison. On the other hand, he could have gone to death row.

It was probably not the rap but the fact that Hardin pleaded guilty that got him a pass on death row.

Hardin was accused of murdering David Heath and Jeff Shultz on January 2007. Both victims were homeless men. He was arrested with Dorian Dillard, . Robbery was believed to be the motive for the killings.

Not surprisingly, Heath’s mother was not actually entertained or sympathetic with such lines as “God, I need a little assistance, will you be with me?” The song also included such lines as “It’s a question I can’t answer. I’m praying for an answer. Like a person who got cancer. They lost all they had. Don’t think they’re very handsome.”

For the full story and rap, click here.

Kudos to Chuck M. for the story.

4 thoughts on “Beating the Rap: Murderer Sings His Way Out of Death Sentence”

  1. What? No one else here realizes that he was trying to get a deal with Death Row Records? (Home of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog)

    (Oh, and if your plan is “enhanced incarceration”, then you’d be playing awful Opera, not nice Classical… Then again, if the rappers realized that opera was full of murder, lying, cheating, rabid boinking, etc., they’d probably start liking it.)

  2. I think that rap[pers] should be a sentence listen to classical music 24/7. Unusual to say the least.

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