Family Group Accused of Using False Picture of Lesbian Couple

Scott Maxwell at the Orlando Sentinel has an extraordinary story about the lengths that social conservatives and anti-gay advocates will go to block the adoption of children by gay couples. Vanessa Alenier and her partner, Melanie Leon, are affluent and loving parents who were awarded custody of a child who was in their foster care in Florida. One problem for the Florida Family Policy Council, it appears, is that they are also attractive, so (on the left) is the picture the council posted with their calls for opposition to the adoption while (on the right) is the actual couple.

For the judge, the adoption should have been an easy decision. The investigators found that the one-year-old boy left in their care “happy and thriving.” The judge made the mistake it appears of focusing on the child’s well-being as opposed to the identity of the parents. The Family Council denounced the decision as a case of “[a]rrogant judicial activism” and has been campaigning against the couple.

These “family advocates” oppose giving a foster child a loving home and caring parents. It is better it seems to throw him back into the foster care system to be bounced from home to home. This case is proof that these are not family values (since they are opposing the creation of a loving family) but political values.

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47 thoughts on “Family Group Accused of Using False Picture of Lesbian Couple”

  1. Where in the constitution does it state that same sex parents cannot lleagaly adopt a child? Exaclty, no where. As Americans, it is our duty to know our rights. This whole situation exists due to those who are unwilling to agree with same sex relationships. Yet obviously this is just thier opinion; it has nothing to do with being against the law. There is such a thing as seperation between church and state, remember?

    It took well over 200 years for society to accept blacks, women, and the handicapped as equels and to treat them as human beings. Why is it so difficult for society to treat gays with the same respect? Help Vanessa Alenier and Melanie Leon

    *The people should not be afraid of their government, but a government afraid of its people.*

  2. “Like the anti-abortion movement their empathy is reserved for the fetus, not the baby”.

    I think its a cart before the horse thing. Unless you would consider the life of that baby to be a fate worse than death. In some cases that might be true.

    What do you think about this story?

    Woman waiting for procedure gives birth; baby placed in bag, thrown out.

  3. Mike S.–

    I agree with you!

    My daughter is a licensed social worker. She works with children for whom life is one heartbreak after another. Their lives are a series of traumatic events. If only our society was willing to use more of its resources for programs that could help these children when they are young, maybe many more would lead productive and happy lives when they became adults.

  4. Having actually worked with Foster Care for Child Welfare and for a Foster Care Agency after my retirement, I can categorically state that the need of children in the system is for family’s to adopt and love them. Forgetting the effectiveness of the system itself, which is another can of worms, children in FC generally feel abandoned and unwanted. Any faith based group that would delay an adoption process, evinces no caring for the child and an overweening self righteousness that really speaks of egotism. Like the anti-abortion movement their empathy is reserved for the fetus, not the baby and they demonstate their religious hypocrisy by this.

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