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  1. I have an infection right now that I just can’t get rid of. I’ve notified the Dr. and waiting to see what actions I need to take next. It’s an infection of the worst kind. Please excuse me.

  2. Bdaman,

    Are you jacking the thread again? I am at a lunch meeting will type more when I have more than the phone. Do not blame me for something you are very capable of doing? Lol

  3. it is too cold to think. I am shivering right now. Do I need to worry any more? My worries are many and my troubles are because of you now.

    I do not think that I know you do you know me?

  4. Nah, but you offer clues about yourself though almost as if I feel that I know you.

  5. I am sorry, do I know you bdaman? I am nervous you will peek in while I am sleeping. Do I need to add this to my list of worry’s?

    Why are you wondering if I am getting my wings. Are you threatening me? Are you going to hurt me when you come looking in my window?

  6. Those are actually snow caves. Very important for backcountry survival since they’ll take you out of the wind and can be quite comfortable (relatively speaking) with just body warmth.

    Igloos are above ground and require construction with bricks made of snow with a specific consistency.

  7. Paste is good for you. It has a lot of fillers that some children need to eat. Make sure that the paste that you eat is the non-toxic variety. Please as with all products use only under adult supervision. Never leave children alone, who knows they may eat too much and then you will have to get them to a hospital.

    Have you heard if they are shutting down the emergency departments yet? This is something that I might worry about but I have too may other things to worry about right now. It is cold and I don’t know how much longer I can stay in this tent.

  8. my my, someone’s been eating paste.

    On the topic of snow and law:

    Stay off the roads? But we’ve got an LSAT to take, damn it.

    That’s right, despite the cries of local officials — to say nothing of logic and common sense — Georgetown decided to plow through with its administration of a February LSAT exam. Those who had to travel to Georgetown were not happy:

    I don’t know if its hubris or obliviousness, but Georgetown University has decided that despite SNOWPOCALYPSE 2.0, they will still be having their February LSAT tomorrow. They must think that the only people signed up to take it at their University are Georgetown students, but they would be wrong. As a result, I’m now facing the options of either a) somehow make it from Old Town to Georgetown at 8am tomorrow in the blizzard (approx. 5 miles and the public transportation is all shut down) or b) not showing up and losing my money to LSAC, getting an “absence” on my score sheet and having to pay the full amount to take it in June.

    Tests were canceled all across Virginia, Maryland, and the District. But according to this list of test center closings provided by LSAC, the Georgetown location was open for business.


  9. LOL – That looks like fun!

    bill thompson: Oh, my! Angry young (or old) man .. LOL – thanks for the laugh!

  10. A new snowstorm bringing the Plains and Midwest snow today will not miss New York City and southern New England and will hit areas from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia again.

    The new storm is part of a duo of snowstorms this week that will touch the lives of over half the people of the nation.

    The new northern storm will affect much more real estate than the last with “plowable” snow.

    Unfortunately this will be a colder storm than the last delivering a snow that is much more subject to blowing and drifting for a longer period of time.

    There is the potential for a foot of snow or more from Wilmington, Del. to Boston, Mass.

    People should be prepared for slow or no travel as the storm intensifies upon nearing the Northeast coast Tuesday night into Wednesday. Schools will close, commerce will be impacted and accidents will occur.

    Lower temperatures, strong winds and deep, powdery snow could make this the worst of the two storms even in areas that were hit hard with the last.

    From a meteorological standpoint the prospect of two blizzards in less than a week for the same area is absolutely amazing!

    In terms of a human factors, this one may bring life-threatening conditions to the homeless in the region. Shoveling snow in the extreme cold could pose serious health risks.

    In terms of fiscal issues, this could be the storm that breaks the bank from small businesses to large cities, who must pay to remove the snow.

    The amount of snow from the new storm will be less than this past weekend’s monster in the Virginias and southwestern Pennsylvania. However, even if these areas receive a foot or a mere six inches it will cause serious problems.

    Snowfall from the next storm Tuesday into Wednesday could make the 2009-2010 winter season the snowiest ever for many mid-Atlantic cities. If not, there is plenty of winter left to make that happen.

    Details of, yet another snowstorm, aiming for the Deep South late in the week will soon be released on AccuWeather.com’s Southwest Regional News story.

  11. bill thompson,

    Your incorrect assumption is that tort costs are a significant factor in the cost of health care when it is not as a matter of fact.

    This article summarizes the flaws (including evidentiary and sourcing) that Neocon’s like Krauthammer have been using to spread that lie.


    Now, the topic of this thread is snow. So unless you have another Neocon distraction snow job of your own you are going to try to perpetrate, might I suggest a more pertinent thread.

  12. I still need to know where the wine and scotch was buried. This is just in case, something happens.

  13. MR Turley, how does it feel to be a “LAP DOG” for OBAMA and all their Liberal entities? I have not heard why you are against TORT REFORM in the HEALTH REFORM bill. Could it be you don’t want your Lawyer buddies to suffer?? I suggest you start teaching elementary students and explain to them why their lives are all but over thanks to OBAMA and the Lawyers in this country.!!!!!

  14. Is the snow already beginning to melt?


    Off Topic–a horrific story:

    U. S. soldier ‘waterboarded his own daughter, 4, because she couldn’t recite the alphabet’
    (From MailOnline, 2/8/2010)

    A soldier waterboarded his four-year-old daughter because she was unable to recite the alphabet.

    Joshua Tabor admitted to police he had used the CIA torture technique because he was so angry.

    As his daughter squirmed to get away, tabor said he submerged her face three or four times until the water was lapping around her forehead and jawline.

    Tabor, 27, who had won custody of his daughter only four weeks earlier, admitted choosing the punishment because the girl was terrified of water.


    1. Great minds think alike, Elaine. While you are posting, so was I on this story.

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