Cat Starts Fire in Family Home . . . Dog Saves Family

It is no secret that I am a dog person and I have taken heat for my warnings about a widespread cat conspiracy to enslave humans (here). However, you cannot ignore the story out of Lake Worth, Florida where Bubba, a Golden Retriever, saved a sleeping family by alerting them to a fire . . . that they believe was started by the family cat.

Bubba went into action around midnight to save Charles McCauley and Saundra Frazer after the cat apparently knocked over a candle. While the home was heavily damaged, the family was saved. Good doggy.

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15 thoughts on “Cat Starts Fire in Family Home . . . Dog Saves Family”

  1. This article is priceless!!! 🙂 As are some of the comments…

    Needless to say that the candle burning the house down is neither here nor there to the cat – who is not interested in such petty ramblings;

    The dog is a beast of burden, hence it’s affinity to the human and need to save it’s feeding hand and master. Good dog indeed – but what of our feline friend?

    I wonder how anybody could know just who did knock over the candle, as the house owners were asleep in bed, the house was empty apart from Mr Cat and Mr Dog;

    So with only two witnesses who are also suspects it seems the human contingent are doing their usual MAKE IT UP thing to fill in the gaps 🙂 Just like they do with religion –

    All the while the cat just cocks an ear then turns it’s head hearing but content to ignore the idiocies of those around.

    Mr Cat

  2. “How To Tell If Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You”

    With 3 of them, I’ll not last much longer.

    Here is Eddie Izzard on cats and dogs:


  3. What a catty bunch you are!!! Shame shame shame. We all know, even if it’s deep down, while the sweet loving dog risked his life to save his beloved family Diva cat was sitting on the outside washing the soot from her fur.

  4. the cat was definitely trying to “extinguish” the dog, the McCauley/Frazers would have been cocateral damage.

    The dog was not trying to save the McCauley/Frazers but himself. He doesn’t have opposable thumbs and so was not able to open the door.

    I just don’t understand why people anthropomorphize their pets. Don’t they know they are just out for themselves?

    Maybe the cat was the incarnation of Pope Gregory and didn’t like the fact that they were living together without the sacrament of marriage.

  5. There you go with your prejudicial misconceptions about superior feline beings, Turley. Obviously the cat knew it was dangerous for his stupid humans to go to sleep with a burning candle and the cat was trying to extinguish it. Then the brown nosing dog tries to score points with the humans by blaming the cat. At the end of the day it’s the dog’s poop the humans end up cleaning.

  6. The cat did it! Right!!! It wasn’t the cat–or Colonel Mustard or Miss Scarlet or Professor Plum. My conclusion: It was Saundra Frazer in the front room with a lit cigarette. Frazer probably dozed off…the smoldering butt slipping from her fingers. She decided to pin blame on the poor wittle kitty when she realized she had set the house on fire.

  7. And nobody is blaming the fool who left a candle burning and went to sleep? I’m betting neither the dog nor the cat would have been that stupid.

    Sign me:

    Proudly Pwned by both a dog and a cat.

  8. The answer is simple as ABC in the minds of the canine prejudiced. Always Blame Cat. My cat doen’t need to be “walked” 4 times a day and can stay home on its’ own without destroying the house.

  9. I find this whole column distinctly catist! Why I’ve rarely seen such a bias! It’s unconscionable! The grain silos of the world would be overrun with rats absent our feline companions! And these kind of blanket assertions of general bad behavior is their reward?

    Answer this question: When was the last time the cat chewed up the TV remote or ate the rug in the kitchen?

    I bid you good day!

    I. Said. Good day!

    * [the universal symbol for getting/giving “the cat butt”]

    (In fairness I must say good dog too. Bubba earned a treat no matter what caused the fire.)

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