Wedding Crashers: Kenya Arrests Couple and Guests At Same-Sex Marriage While Protesters Call For The Suspects To Be Burned Alive

Kenyan police showed the world what state-sponsored homophobia looks like this week when police raided a same-sex wedding and arrested all suspected homosexuals.

Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya and police were notified of a same-sex wedding scheduled to take place at a private villa in the beach resort of Kikambala.

George Matundura, a senior police commander, insists “it is an offence, an unnatural offence, and also their behaviour is repugnant to the morality of the people.” A crowd of Kenyans protested outside of the police station — not to protest the arrests but to call for the suspects to be burned alive.

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7 thoughts on “Wedding Crashers: Kenya Arrests Couple and Guests At Same-Sex Marriage While Protesters Call For The Suspects To Be Burned Alive”

  1. And when we find out that violence and aggression are biologically based (which is where the evidence is leading) will we then call legal actions against them violence-phobia or aggression-phobia?

    Lawyers shudder to think of it. Why, after all, arrest people who are born that way?

    God told explained this several thousand years ago: all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Silly leftists think “sin” means something dirty. It doesn’t. It means literally: to miss the mark.

    It means: unable to hit the target.

    What target?


    What holiness? Holiness according to God.

    Why cannot mankind hit the target?

    Corrupt biology.

    Can justice exist then when we are all incapable of it from the get go?

    Yes, through the law, education, and correction if necessary.

    God’s law, of course.

    With mercy.

    It seasons justice,

    As the Bard said.

    further reading:

    (the author of this article is the world famous neurosurgeon Antonio Damasio. He wrote Descartes Error. It should be read by–or TO!–every high school kid.)

  2. I don’t usually comment, but I grew up in Kenya…If you think they are “behind” on equality issues for SAME sex couples, pay close attention to woman’s rights in these countries…they basically have none. I vividly remember seeing a woman being beaten on the side of the road in the early ’80’s. Women need permission from their husbands to receive any kind of birth control. In a country where the number of children still proves masculinity, why would same-sex couples be accepted?

    The strange thing is that in comparison to the States, men in Kenya had no shame walking down the street holding hands or with arms around each others shoulders….I think this focus is being pushed by the Churches, which have apparently gained power since I lived there. See: Burning Witches in Kenya (which surprisingly also has links to Sarah Palin, which I thought was weird during the election…who would have thought there would be 2 candidates with links to Kenya?)

  3. I dont know if its just coincidence but it seems like third world countries,eg Uganda, Kenya, India, that were British Colonies in the past have a very hard time bringing themselve up to modern thought when it comes to homosexuality

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