Sex Tape Leads Abbas To Fire Top Aide and Call for an Investigation

Palestinian officials are largely supporting Rafiq Husseini, a former Palestinian intelligence officer and top aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who is embroiled in a sex-for-favors scandal. However, Abbas has now dismissed his aide and called for an investigation after he was allegedly captured in an embarrassing video, here.

The video was shot by a former intelligence officer and shows Rafiq Husseini undressing in a bedroom and calling out to a women to ask such things as “Do I turn off the light or do you? What is the procedure?” These sex-for-influence moments are often so awkward.

Fahmi Shabaneh shot the video after the woman complained to him that Husseini was making sexual remarks when she sought his help with a family problem.

Before his dismissal, various Palestinians urged him to resign, here.

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5 thoughts on “Sex Tape Leads Abbas To Fire Top Aide and Call for an Investigation”

  1. Leah

    As I read it the woman went to Husseini regarding the personal matter and was confronted by Husseini’s remarks. She then sought help from a different man who, as a “former intelligence officer, might have had the know-how and the equipment to get the incriminating tape of Husseini.

  2. I think I’m missing something here:

    Husseini was making suggestive remarks to the lady in his office, so she invited him into her bedroom to prove it?

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