London Police Investigate Saudi Prince in Murder of Servant

London police are investigating an unnamed Saudi prince in the murder of one of his servants. A 32-year-old Saudi national was found dead from strangulation and severe head injuries at the posh five-star Landmark Hotel in Marylebone, Central London.

They are questioning the 33-year-old Saudi prince, who has been flying around the world as a tourist and staying at the hotel for the last month.

Notably, unlike other Arab VIPS accused of crimes recently in England (here), this one does not have diplomatic immunity.

For the full story, click here.

3 thoughts on “London Police Investigate Saudi Prince in Murder of Servant”

  1. I did not see in the article that immunity was mentioned. If he does not have it I am sure, as Buddha has stated that he will get it soon.

  2. Buddha:

    what is the going rate for a Saudi servant these days?

    There was a story here in Virginia a couple of years ago about a local Saudi family that had a Philippine woman as basically a slave and had abused her. I think she was freed and went back to the Philippines. Again how right you are about who should have been attacked. Saddam was a beacon of international brotherhood compared to them.

  3. “this one does not have diplomatic immunity.” SB “this one does not have diplomatic immunity . . . yet. The check is in the mail.” 😀

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