Video: Man Arrested For Lighting Cigarette on Olympic Torch

I just saw this video on Reddit of a guy who sees an Olympic torch and sees not a symbol of international cooperation and competition but a lighter for his cigarette. Next time he should do what other people do and use an AK-47, here.

His arrest is interesting. Why is lighting a cigarette on the torch a crime? I understand it is a foul and insulting act, but a crime? I have been trying to find the specific charge.

It could be worse, some people have declared that the Olympic torch looks like a joint.

23 thoughts on “Video: Man Arrested For Lighting Cigarette on Olympic Torch”

  1. Of course its a crime you filthy animals. Shame on you! What have you been thinkin? Thousands of years of Greek history and have ruined within a moment.

  2. Canadian Eh.,

    Would it not be ironic if the guy that was taken down was a member of PETA or ELF.

  3. loki,

    Get a sense of humor or the terrorists win.

    And a better screen name while you’re at it. A trickster god would appreciate this site. “Grumpy Old Bastard” seems about appropriate. While out buying a sense of humor, see about picking up a sense of perspective too. It’s THE OLYMPICS. Not the second coming.

    And I’m sorry someone tore up your picture. That’s quite a scar you’re carrying. Seek professional help.

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